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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Aug 16, 2011.

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    by KD Drummond on Aug 16, 2011 7:12 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2011 Pre-Season

    Some days are slow, others have you trying to cram a million topics into a headline. Today is one of those juicy days.

    -- The Cowboys have a little over $6 million left in 2011 cap space, according to this analysis by's Jason LaConfora. Teams are now exactly two weeks away from having to trim their 90+ rosters down to 75 (August 30th) and then there is the final cut to 53 on September 3rd. It remains a possibility that the Cowboys look to bolster their offensive line, but another solid game by the youngsters on Sunday night and the team might look to stand pat there. Of course, unexpected cuts by other teams could cause Jerry and Stephen Jones to rethink this. The cap space could also be saved for restructuring current contracts to lessen 2012 cap impact, or to sign a veteran after week 1, when the contract isn't guaranteed for the season.
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    Note to the author at BTB. If Carter practices at all he cannot be placed on the PUP list.

    Thank you.
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    6 mil under and Carter to hit the field soon. Wiggle room under the cap (hopefully for a DB/Saftey) and another 1st round LB on the field. Gotta keep Tanner.
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    The whole Carter situation is kind of a long shot for 2011 IMO. I can't believe he's going to play in the last preseason game if he just starts practicing that week. And with little to no preseason and no OTA's how much can they hope for the rookie contribute in 2011?

    I wouldn't rule out PUP at this point. Who knows? Did we really draft this kid with an expectation that his rookie year would look like this? Are we so confident of his long-term that we'd use an early 2nd on a guy whose 2011 was very likely going to be of little contribution? Sorry, I'm just disappointed in how this is playing out so far. Add the Murray hamstring and thus far we've seen ZERO from our 2nd & 3rd picks.

    Not calling anyone a bust or lost cause but those who panned these picks for injury reasons are so far right on the money.
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    the majority of Cowboy fans are frustrated in general for obvious reasons. But I don't think either were going to be first line guys anyway. Carter was only going to be counted on to be a significant contributor if a front line guy got injured. And I am not so sure he would be thrust into that role even then. Maybe a vet would be picked up. But the guy is not even one year removed from ACL surgery. So should we expect him to be ready, as a rookie, to play 50+ downs in the most violent sport imagineable with an unsturdy leg?

    And hamstrings are funny if you have ever had one. Let it heal properly and you do not have to worry about it again. You need him for 2 series at most per game right now. A first round pick was used on Felix. And Tashard Choice has yet to ever get a chance to be a significant contributor. So again, he was 3rd in the pecking order.

    My point is, if Carter and Murray were the difference in Dallas winning and losing this year, we aren't nearly as good as the organization thinks we are.
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    I am not crazy about our 2nd day picks,you cannot have a 2nd rd pick with a red shirt year(we are not that talented ).I hope we get rid of the policy of drafting injured players for good next year .
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    After 3 weeks?

  8. Kangaroo

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    Yes you can and yes we are it happens all the time Peter Chung did almost nothing his first year on the Pats
  9. reddyuta

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    Pats can afford to do that,we have no depth at ilb and are forced to turn to undrafted
    Rookies becuase carter may be a lost cause this year.
  10. Kangaroo

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    They had depth problems at safety the year they drafted him so as I said yes we can.
  11. Nightshade

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    these guys usually have 3 years to prove themselves. For Carter, The first year injured. Second year becomes first year. Just learning. 3rd year. all or nothing cause the team's gonna start looking to upgrade the position if he doesn't shine.

    I think it's a gamble. Rather draft a healthy player. So I hope you're all wrong and he does play some this first year so he can get a feel for the pro game.
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    i just hope he is going to come back in two weeks like they say. Our medical staff/trainers are not too good at predicting when someone should come back.
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    Its just Jerry Jones that does it......get your facts other NFL takes a chance on injured college players... ;)
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    He will be put on pup....not a big deal....let the kid learn...

    Just imagine he was healty and hurt his knee last week and is out half the year......Im willing to wait for this kid.....
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    I think Carter will play this year however I think mostly on Special teams where he made a name for himself as a top special teams player. I'm sure Ryan will try to work him in on certain defensive packages as the season moves on.
  16. AdamJT13

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    La Canfora's precise dollar amount for our cap room looks rather familiar.
  17. burmafrd

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    he is not as dumb as he sounds sometimes. he obviously comes here and reads your posts.
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    The bigger issue is...that the picks aren't panning out.

    If the organization wants to utilize a philosophy of value picks due to the fact that the player in injured, then the only sacrifice year would be the first year this approach was employed.

    Subsequent years would see the value pick from the prior year, healed and on board.

    It ain't working because the players chosen aren't panning out in following seasons
  19. CoCo

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    Yes, after 3 weeks they are right on the money. Neither one has seen the practice field as yet because of injury. That's what you call batting 1000.

    Not overreacting, just stating a fact.
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