News: BTB: Cowboys Training Camp Report - Day Two

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    Cowboys Training Camp Report - Day Two
    by One.Cool.Customer

    ...While the rookies were practicing and the veterans were warming up, Kyle Orton and Phil Costa were already off on the side of the field practicing snaps.

    Mackenzy Bernadeau was on the field, and was even wearing his uniform, but he didn't take part in practice. Instead he was shadowing the O-line players the whole time and taking part in the teaching. This makes me assume that his return to the team shouldn't be all that far off.

    It was almost impossible for me today to see anything of relevance from both the offensive and defensive lines because they were so far away, but one thing that has stood out over the last two days is the amount of teaching Bill Callahan is doing with his charges: where other position groups would run standard position drills, Callahan was continuously working with, teaching and coaching his linemen.

    The benefit of the "blue practice" became especially apparent when I watched TE coach John Garrett coaching his three rookies for an extended period. One coach, three players. That amount of dedicated attention by the position coach has to bear fruit.

    From what I saw, Kyle Wilber had a very good day. I saw at least two plays in which he would have recorded a sack and another one in which he blocked a pass. Today at least it looked like the offense had no answer for Wilber. The autocorrect function on my phone kept spelling Wilber as "Wilberforce". Today, Wilber was indeed a force on the field. And I kind of like that name so I think I'll stick with it. Wilberforce. Niiice...
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    Like to read that Wilbur has been looking pretty good so early in TC. Will be looking for more info on Claiborne, Crawford & hopefully Matt Johnson (PUP). Beginning to wonder if/when we get a chance to see Coale. From one of the articles I read yesterday, at least one writer (don't know if it was a writer or a blogger) doesn't believe so far that any of our younger WRs are the #3 WR we are hoping for. OTOH, it's very eary in TC so hopefully at least one of them can really step it up--will see moe in preseason games.

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