BTB Cowboys Wideouts, The Draft And The Phenom Index: Worth Considering?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Do the Cowboys need to bring in a wideout to replace Miles Austin? Isn't Terrence Williams capable of becoming the necessary threat opposite Dez Bryant with just some more seasoning? When it comes to the Cowboys needs and the draft, the offensive side of the ball might not be the first, second or third conversation... but it is deserving none the less. The draft is meant to replenish a roster for years; it's not only a tool for filling today's potholes.

    When draftniks say this is a loaded draft class, they mean it. 2014 might possibly be more stacked than any draft in recent history and nowhere is this more obvious than the wide receiver position. With the announcement of the compensatory picks earlier in the week, there are now 176 picks in the first five rounds of the draft. CBS Sports already had identified 25 different receivers in the Top 175.

    Last year's draft, considered a more-than-decent representation in wideout talent, saw 17 of them selected in the first five rounds. Suffice to say, this should be a record haul.

    However, as is always the case with draft rankings, there will be some that excel while others struggle to transform their collegiate accomplishments to the professional game.
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    I can't see a high pick on a WR, but with 11 total picks (currently), I could see one being taken later with a 7th round selection if someone jumps off of the page at that point
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    I have a feeling they will take one in the mid rounds. The fact that 3 of 10 players that they signed to futures contracts are WRs indicates to me that they feel that it's a need. On the other hand, maybe they really like 1 of those 3, but I doubt if they are really counting on guys that were freely available.
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    Guys I like in the mid RDS..moncrieff, Bryant. And Landry.
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    With 11 picks (lets say for arguements sake they keep all 11) they could draft a QB, RB, TE, WR and an OL, and still have six picks to spend on defense. I think if I had to bet my life on two of the picks on offense it would be OL for sure (based on need) and WR (based on value) with someone too good to pass up falling. I think TE and RB would be lower round selections. QB is a total wild card could be any round in the draft would not surprise me.
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    I didn't watch much college football this year but that guy Jared Abbrederis from Wisconsin sure has a knack for getting open.

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