btb: Dallas Cowboys Draft: Scouting The Scouts, 2012 Edition

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    Dallas Cowboys Draft: Scouting The Scouts, 2012 Edition
    by rabblerousr on Feb 13, 2012 4:25 PM CST in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft

    Last year, in early February, I thought it might be useful to subject the seemingly endless litany of draft "experts" to a little of their own medicine--to grade the graders, so to speak. I wanted to weed out as many of the extraneous voices as possible, leaving only the guys who have a real eye for talent, and whose player reports accord most closely with those of NFL scouts. As my evaluations were met with approval, I thought I'd update my evaluation, based on the scouting landscape's changing topography.

    Ol' Rabble's 2012 edition of Scouting the Scouts:
    Camp Bodies:
    Draft Breakdown
    Draft Daddy
    Draft Season
    Draft Site
    The Football Expert
    Football's Future
    New Era Scouting
    NFL Draft Dog
    Walter Football

    These guys--and a legion of others like them--are just like us: sports fans who know a little bit about college football, but a whole lot less than Chia Crack. Unlike us, they have draft websites, most of them packed with information--some of them are even somewhat professional looking. However, if you read through them, there seems to be a lot of material from sports information guides or links to more polished and professional scouting materials. If you look at their mock drafts, you'll notice that they are in surprising agreement. This suggests that they trade in popular opinion, which tends to bear little resemblance to what NFL teams think of players. These guys can be useful if you want to find some basic information on a specific player--but as soon as they switch from info to analysis, beware.

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