BTB:Dallas Cowboys Mock Drafts: Hijacking Drafttek's Latest Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 26, 2012.

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    by One.Cool.Customer on Mar 26, 2012 6:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft released their newest seven-round consensus mock draft earlier today, and our good friend Long Ball alerted me to the release with an email. He does this from time to time, but this time he wrote something that I found intriguing. Long Ball wrote that this version of Drafttek's mock draft

    "... may be the best haul yet, based on who was available at each of the Cowboys' selections."

    That piqued my interest of course. What I like to do when I browse through Drafttek's mocks every week is to look at which player I would have chosen for the Cowboys instead of the players proposed in the original mock.
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    love playing with drafttek. it allows you to remove some personal bias but keep positional desire without stretching too far. all this is contingent on their player grades of course but still a fun tool.

    whoever plugs in values gets to weigh by position.

    drafttek for cowboys has: (obviously pre-extra 4th r pick)
    1. Kirkpatrick
    2. Zeitler
    3. Massaquoi
    4. Malik Jackson Tennessee DE
    5. Marquise Mays Wr Bama
    6. DeQuan Menzie, Bama CB
    7. George Bryan TE

    BTB updated drafttek draft.
    1. Ingram
    2. Jared Crick
    3. Ben Jones
    4, Jamell Fleming
    5. Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson (quickly becoming a sleeper for me)
    6. Drake Dunsmore TE
    7. Micah Pellerin FS

    jterrell drafttek mock. --- i add selection for supp.
    1. Whitney Mercilus --they rank him higher than Ingram.
    Day 1 nickel pass rusher. Rests both Ware and Spencer as a pure pass rusher.

    2. Jared Crick 3-4 DE
    Part of rotation day 1. Very possible starter.

    3. Ben Jones OC
    Competes to start and is early favorite at OC.

    4. Chris Rainey Slot WR
    Adds extreme speed and explosion. Will take that Bubble screen to a new level.

    4 supp. Ladarius Green TE
    Pass catching TE.

    5. Coty Sensabaugh CB
    4th CB day 1. If he develops you can jettison Scandrick in a couple years to save cap cost.

    6. Vick Ballard RB
    Short yardage back... has extremely good vision. Can rise to RB2 if you need to let Felix walk shortly.

    7. Chigo Anuoby versatile DL Morehouse
    --reminds me of Lissemore. PS or inactive type guy year 1 but with developmental slant.

    **Notes I raise the need value at 3-4 DE and OLB to highest prio; CB is still high. Off: OC and slot get high prio's. OG is still high prio. OT, RB, WR (primary) also get desired marks.

    ILB, QB, FB get lowest need marks from me.

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