News: BTB: Dallas Cowboys Offseason: Callahan, Henderson Upgrade OL, DB Play

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    Dallas Cowboys Offseason: Callahan, Henderson Upgrade OL, DB Play
    by rabblerousr

    In 2011, Jason Garrett's first year as head coach, he made a couple of key coaching hires in terms of his position coaches. Wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson and linebackers coach Matt Eberfluss were brought aboard (the latter came with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan from Cleveland). Both are Garrett kind of guys: new-old school. What does that mean? They are coaches who are good teachers with fresh ideas but, on the other hand, demand tough, up-tempo practices from their charges.

    For the most part, Garrett kept Wade Phillips' coaching staff intact, retaining running backs coach Skip Peete, offensive line coach Hudson Houck and secondary coach Dave Campo. These last two, in particular, didn't appear to be Garrett types; whatever the reason - their contracts had not expired, so Jerry hemmed; Garrett wanted to give them another chance to prove themselves - they were held over in 2011, with fairly catastrophic results. If you can bear to remember the carnage, Houck's and Campo's position groups were the team's weakest links. In several key games, breakdowns in the interior of the offensive line and the secondary contributed directly to losses.

    Thankfully, Houck and Campo were replaced by Bill Callahan and Jerome Henderson, respectively (and there was much rejoicing). To my mind, the place where Callahan and Henderson provide the most evident upgrade is in their pedagogical acumen; both are superb teachers. If you read my camp reports, you know how impressed I was with Callahan, who arrived at practice early and stayed late to squeeze in extra work with his crew of big uglies. Largely, he drilled them on basic techniques: firing out low, hand placement, generating power on punchout. What amazed me was how precisely he worked them, making minute adjustments so that they could execute the technique perfectly...
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    Cleveland wouldn't let Henderson out of his contract last season. That is why Campo got another year.
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    That was a good read. I am so glad Campo is gone.
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    Henderson wasn't our first choice. Ray Horton was.

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