News: BTB:Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones: "O-Line Is No Longer A Question Mark."

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    The signing of Brian Waters has elevated expectations of the Cowboys offensive line.
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    Earlier today, Stephen Jones said the Cowboys' offensive line is no longer a question mark, as the addition of Brian Waters upgrades the starting line and bolsters depth.
    "Getting Waters takes us from being a big, big question mark on the front end to having good depth," Jones said. "You take a starter last year in Bernadeau and he may ultimately be a backup. You know what we think of Costa and Parnell; it gives you a solid eight there. We are pleased."
    One day after agreeing to terms with the Dallas Cowboys, Brian Waters practiced for the first time with his new team. Sporting the number 64 instead of his customary 54, Waters practiced at right guard with the second team. But even before Waters had taken his first practice snap, speculation abounded about whether Waters would play in the season opener on Sunday. And while Garrett indicated after practice that Waters would be able to play "pretty soon," but wouldn't commit to an exact timing:
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    For some reason, I was thinking the same thing.
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    Any reports on how Waters performed out there?
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    I agree there is decent depth on the line. But not very much quality. When a guy we signed off the street a week before the season opener is our third best lineman, that doesn't bode well.
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    well he is like a 6 time pro bowler
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    And that 6 time pro bowler was getting offers all offseason right? So many he considered retiring.
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    He stated yesterday, there where some family things he needed to take care of last year (that he did not want to get into), but by mid season he said he was ready to go, but felt it was unfair to jump in at that point.

    He seems to be a pretty straight up guy, but who knows, just reporting what he said.
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    Dude, he got offered $4-5 Million/year by NE in 2011 before choosing to leave. He didn't get any offers because he stated he'd only play for 2 teams Cowboys or Texans. That limits the pool of potential offers significantly.
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