BTB: Dallas Cowboys Watchlist, Texas Vs. The Nation: The Linebackers

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    Dallas Cowboys Watchlist, Texas Vs. The Nation: The Linebackers
    by KD Drummond on Feb 4, 2011 9:32 AM CST in Dallas Cowboys 2011 Draft

    Let's do a quick round up of the linebackers that are of note for this weekend's Texas Vs. The Nation game. J.T. Thomas out of West Virginia just might be the only candidate from this game that is an option for the Cowboys, but you never really know. Both he and DJ Smith would appear to be too small to play inside and have to take on blockers, he's projected to be exclusively of interest to teams that run the 4-3. Consider this just a primer, so you have a point of reference should their names come up in the future. For a look at the top defensive linemen prospects, go here.

    NATIONAL TEAM LINEBACKER ROSTER: Click on each name for their profile.
    LB Smith, DJ - Appalachian State
    ILB Harvey, Mario - Marshall
    OLB DE Addison, Mario – Troy
    OLB Moten, Adrian - Maryland
    OLB Thomas, JT – West Virginia
    OLB Hunter, Jeremiha – Iowa
    OLB/DE Gee, Mike – Indiana PA/Virginia Tech

    OLB Williams, Jabara - Stephen F. Austin
    OLB Davie, Quentin – Northwestern
    OLB/ DE Lattimore, Jamari- Middle Tennessee State
    OLB Paysinger, Spencer - Oregon
    ILB Duncan, Brian – Texas Tech
    ILB Baptiste, Tressor - Texas A&M Kingsville/Hofstra

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