News: BTB: Deciphering The Decision: Tony Romo's Interception

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    The interception was crushing, no doubt about it. It was deflating, demoralizing, and devastating all at the same time, and didn't take long before NBC's "Football Night in America" crew of Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy picked up the film and talked about how it was a very Romo-like play, and how he made a horrible decision. But like all decisions, it can only truly be judged by evaluating the information available at the time of the decision and determining if it was a mistake based on those conditions and conclusions that could be drawn about possible outcomes.

    Frame of Reference

    It's important to note, QB's are taught to read progressions in order, every snap, jumping from their first to second to third read, looking for the open area to throw to. Keep in mind that many times they aren't looking at the actual receivers but instead they are reading the area where the receivers route will end up. They are taught to throw to the first open man they find. It's also important to remember that running backs are often the last read in the progression, unless they are the designated "hot route" if the defense brings pressure.

    Now, based on those constraints and with the mind of a QB, let's look at what Romo was seeing at the point he made the decision he did and let that information drive our evaluation of the play.


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    A nice breakdown. Just so freaking unlucky sometimes.
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    I still think Esco could have done a better job of getting in front of the LB and making a play on the ball. Might be nitpicking a bit, but you can't let an LB, DB, or anyone else just undercut you like that.
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    Good breakdown.
    Brutal result though.

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