BTB:DeMarcus Ware Is Vital To The Cowboys Success

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 8, 2012.

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    by Archie Barberio on Apr 8, 2012 7:00 AM CDT in Dallas Cowboys General

    Hopefully we will see more sack celebration dances from DeMarcus Ware. He may be the best in the game, but it wouldn't hurt to start grooming someone behind him just in case...

    DeMarcus Ware will go down as one of the all-time great pass rushers in NFL history. Many forget that he almost wasn't drafted by the Cowboys. Then head coach Bill Parcells wanted to draft LSU defensive lineman Marcus Spears with the first of two first-round draft picks. Fortunately for the Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones intervened on behalf of the franchise in the war room.

    Tony Romo is just as important as Ware is to the team, but the Cowboys finally have a reliable option in Kyle Orton. In case Romo were to go down with another injury, Orton could somewhat hold the pieces together. The same can be said for DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones. They both can step in for each other and pickup where the other one left off. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are another example of having quality players at the same position. Last year Laurent Robinson capitalized due to various injuries at the wide receiver position. A talented player deep on the depth chart can make a big contribution.

    Will The Cowboys Draft A Pass Rusher?
    What has concerned me during the Cowboys draft preparation is the lack of focus on a outside linebacker. I wish there were more prospects invited to Valley Ranch, but it is what it is. The team has only invited Courtney Upshaw, Ronnell Lewis, Braylon Broughton and Adrian Hamilton. Upshaw is the only player invited who will be in play with the 14th overall pick. Many folks here on BTB are not fans of his, but I wouldn't mind the Cowboys drafting him because they would be getting a good football player.
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    I think Lewis ends up in Dallas.
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    "DeMarcus Ware Is Vital To The Cowboys Success" = The most obvious statement that could be made.
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    No kidding.
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    Who's Demarcus Ware? He's that good?

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