News: BTB:For The Dallas Cowboys, The Players Aren't The Only RKGs

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, May 9, 2012.

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    For The Dallas Cowboys, The Players Aren't The Only RKGs
    by Tom Ryle on May 8, 2012 11:00 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys General

    To which my second response was "Guilty." (My first response was "Doh!", but it turns out he wasn't talking about that Homer.) I am homer. I love me some Dallas Cowboys. And I think one of the best things to happen to them since, oh, about 1994, is the hiring of one Jason Garrett as head coach. I am of the opinion that the culture of a football team can be the difference between a successful franchise and, say, one that has only won a single playoff game in the past decade and a half. (No, Virginia, byes don't count.)

    Ever since Garrett was given the interim head coaching position, I have been completely in agreement with his idea of the Cowboy Way, and of finding the Right Kind of Guys to play for the team. I think that this has become a key criterion for the team in evaluating the players it is considering signing or drafting. It is why I have a perhaps overabundant sense of optimism about the 2012 draft and UDFA classes, because I keep seeing those RKG qualities when these guys get talked about. Hard workers. Team captains. Plays through the whistle. High motor. All combined with some impressive measurables and on field credentials.

    We have all talked about the RKG idea, usually with approval here. But today I saw something that made me stop and think for a moment. And I realized that JG5000 may not just be interested in having RKGs on the field. I think he is just as interested in getting them on the sidelines to coach and train these players.
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    That's the first time I've noticed someone refer to Claiborne as "Pick 6." Nice.
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    Culture change. From the top on down.

    About damn time.

    I can feel the difference. Sounds strange, but I can.

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