BTB: Gil Brandt on what Dallas should do

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by waving monkey, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Gil Brandt always someone worth listening to years ago, imo.

    He's been on a very, very steep decline over the last 5 years though.
    Not that what he said was off base, but it was outdated and somewhat cliché. And his draft stuff is way out of whack at times in recent years.
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    This is a fair question. The answer is no one really knows. But the people around Jason who know football should be able to give Jerry fair assessments without putting anyone in a bind.
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    i thought doing that thread after thread was bannable again...
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    Offensively, we've got a passing offense that puts pressure on you on all three levels and takes advantage of whichever matchup the defense gives you. We pass to get the lead and run to keep it, which rarely happens because we can't keep a lead when teams are able to pass on us at will.

    Defensively, we're settling in on becoming a man coverage team that puts pressure on from a one-gap penetrating DL rotation and that has athletic LBs and S's that can get back in coverage and make plays with their eyes on the QB. We took too long to decide what we wanted to do here, but it looks like we've settled in on it and have the right defensive coaches in place for what we want to do, finally.

    As an overall organization, we look to be flattening out the salary cap structure (franchise QB, aside) and building competency in both college and pro scouting to get to a place where we can afford to play the best players at any position. And trying to get enough depth in every position group that we can plug in replacements when starters go down without compromising the structure of the scheme (like we did defensively this year after losing Lee and Durant at MLB or when Claiborne missed time and we had to end up playing more zone than we wanted behind an anemic pass rush). We're signing mostly veteran role players in VFA and hoping to add starters in the first three rounds of the draft. Middle and bottom rounds are reserved for developing players at positions where they can be developed over time (e.g., OG), and for key role players (change of pace RB, ST standouts, specialty linebackers, TE2/3, WR3/4/5, etc).

    I think it's pretty clear, overall what we're doing and how Jason is approaching everything. It's looked disorganized at times because of his false start with his coordinators, because our roster was upside down in a significant way and had major holes at OT and CB and, now, DL, and because we've had a ridiculous rash of defensive injuries that last two seasons. But it's pretty clear what we're trying to do, anyway. That's not to say people aren't justified in not liking some or all of what that is, but it's tough to listen to hard-core fans say they don't see what direction we're trying to go in. At least from where I'm sitting.
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    Good post, but what I meant was JG specifically. Landry was stoic, Harbaugh is fiery...what the heck is JG? Robotic? Vanilla? lol
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    He's sort of got a creepy Stepford Coach thing going on, I'll admit. Like I wouldn't be all that surprised to see him get really agitated in a press conference one day and see his head split open and the alien who's been operating him all this time just fly out and abandon the ginger husk once and for all.

    I could see the same thing happening to Jerry, come to think of it in an alien-Overlord sort of way. Maybe we're onto something here.
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    sure would explain a lot of things, woudn't it?
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    Great post. Best I've seen in a good while.
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    Garrett's offense has been awful at utilizing the entire field. It rarely puts pressure on much of anything, And they've been bouncing around with the defense his entire tenure, there's no way to say they've settled on anything. If it doesn't work this year, then it'll be different next year.
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    I recall Garrett's offense sucking for half the game and Romo making comebacks against crappy teams in the second half after they decided to scrap the gameplan
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    Exactly. Jerry signed TO while Parcells was head coach. Parcells didn't want any part of TO. And rightfully so.
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    Exactly, the entire philosophy of Garrett and his offense is "take what the defense gives you". There is no pressure being put on, and they are completely reactive to how the defense lines up before the snap.
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    Dallas' identity is Jerry Jones. A 75 year old drunk fan that uses the Dallas Cowboys as his hobby
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    Brady and an O Line that gives him time to throw.
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    but the only reason they don't have 2 more is because Eli is the luckiest QB ever- per Cowboyszone.
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    Don't forget to add Pig Pen.
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    Interesting that Gil Brandt is frequently thrown out as an example of how the way Dallas runs things now is no different than in the old Cowboys days with Schramm/Brandt.

    Brandt certainly dismisses that fantasy land scenario with this article.
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    15-20 YEARS late LOL
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    If you actually believe even half of this stuff you definitely smoking some pretty good stuff
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    Cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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