BTB: Gil Brandt on what Dallas should do

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by waving monkey, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Very much agreed. I love Gil Brandt. Very knowledgable man with an incredible memory for details. And incredibly polite and respectful to everyone he comes in contact with.

    Some of the arrogant media who have never actually DONE ANYTHING could still learn a great deal from a legend like Gil Brandt.
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    I don't disagree.. but at the same time, it's really sad to me that we're 4 years into a headcoach and the selling point for keeping this coach is that they have shown improvement in how they conduct operations. It's just depressing. Not we made the playoffs, went 13-3... won our division. No, we have shown improvement with how we sign players and the dollars we invest. Because we had to.
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    IMO, Brandt is a little past the point of being out to pasture...but, he still has NFL credibility, especially when it relates to Dallas

    I believe that Garrett has been trying to instill himself into the team, he just needs to get over the hump. The offense needs to take advantage of situational football and using the 2 TE set in the passing game will help to get there...if not that, then perhaps a 3 WR set and/or using the RB's in the passing game more (they used murray last year)...on defense, marinelli's scheme is to pressure the QB, and have speed behind the DL...I think the team is getting there and a strong defensive-minded draft could put the team into position to be successful overall

    I think the team is moving in the right direction, but they still have room to grow and improve
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    Hopefully, Garrett just completely steps away from the offense. That'll help. Abandoning this 2 TE idea would be wise as well.

    Brandt is on the mark here as anyone with a functioning brain can see the way the Dallas front office is organized isn't conducive to success. Garrett appears to have no real clout in the war room.
  5. Fredd

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    I think Garrett does have a voice in the War room, I just think Jones comes first. But, hopefully with McClay in there now with a heightened role, he will help to make sure that Garrett gets what he wants/needs to make the team better
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    I think it should be mandatory that you like Gil Brandt or you get punched in the face but I almost didn't make it past this"With recent cellar-dwellers like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers shaping up lately," I didn't know this had happened. I have a strong suspicion that Mr. Brandt is using a ghost writer that works off notes and whatnot.
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    Still love Gil and Tex but they messed up big time more than a few. They also hit a lot of flushes on the river, too. But I wouldn't play loose with the draft until end of day two at the soonest and probably day 3.
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    Well, if some posters can claim that that the cowboys are now moving in the "right direction" (after several false starts in the Garrett era) then I have no problem with Brandt's statement about the Jaguars and Bucs. Both "opinions" lack direct evidence and are based on little more than speculative musings.
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  9. Alexander

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    Brandt was the Ciskowski of that era? Well, isn't that something.

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    I wouldn't say ANY of the 3 teams have shaped up lately but it's easy to say the Cowboys are headed in the right direction if you consider getting younger and cheaper the right direction compared to where they were in 2010 which was bloated and old.
    I don't see how hiring new coaches shaped up the Bucs or the Jags lately, looks to me like they're trying something else because they didn't shape up with the last coach. Maybe they have loaded rosters and just need the right coach, they could be the next SF and Seattle for all I know but I doubt it.
  11. daveferr33

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    I agree that getting younger and cheaper when you are tight against the cap is the right approach to take. And the FO has made some comments that suggest that their approach in the past--restructuring contracts (or resigning your QB to a new deal in a non-contract year) just to get some cap relief--was not a sound way to do business.

    But there is no way to tell, based on the limited amount of evidence available, whether this is a true change in philosophy or simply expedience.
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    If they get another good team together they'll probably do the same stuff to try to hold it together but I think they'll cover their butts a little better so guys like Ratliff and Barber can't just check out once they hit the lottery.
    I don't blame anyone for thinkin they'd go ape dung again if they thought it'd get em in the playoffs one more time because that's what theyve done twice now.
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