News: BTB Interview: Cowboys Legend Tony Dorsett

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    BTB Interview: Cowboys Legend Tony Dorsett - "I Think Jason Garrett Will Be The Cowboys Next Head Coach"

    [​IMG] by Dave Halprin on Dec 17, 2010 1:01 PM CST in Dallas Cowboys Interviews

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett. Tony was promoting a contest for Proctor & Gamble. So we discussed that and then had a wide-ranging interview about different Cowboys-related subjects. Dorsett was a great interview, answering everything candidly, and in-depth. Below is the transcription of that interview, starting with his take on the contest (more details at the end of the post), then onto the Cowboys stuff.
    Tony Dorsett: Proctor & Gamble are having a contest for families to send a photo in celebrating football. It's for Febreze, the official air-freshener of the NFL, to show fans how to tackle sweat and odor during the football season. The winner wins $10,000, and in this case in Dallas they're donating the check to the Salvation Army on behalf of NFL Play 60, which encourages kids to get 60 minutes of exercise in on a daily basis. To find out more go to

    Read the rest of the interview:
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    What a great back. He truly could take it to the house any play.
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    Felix Jones is a player in the Marshall Faulk, Tiki Barber, and Brain Westbrook mold, imo. Lesean McCoy, at Philadelphia, is that type of weapon.

    Jones isn't just a running back, he's an explosive weapon.

    He's tough. He runs inside. He is a great receiver.

    However, you want him running outside, so he can use his great speed to torch defenses.

    Darren McFadden is an outside runner and so was Hershel Walker.

    With better run blocking, Jones has the talent to approach 2,000 total yards, imo. 1500 total yards is for sure in his reach in Dallas, even with all the passing weapons. He can do this by getting around 20 touches per game, but he needs quality offensive line play in the running game. He's not getting that this season. Not throwing the ball to Jones 5 times a game (on average) should be a crime.

    Jones is on a pace to put up very comparable numbers to what Marshall Faulk put up in his third season, with the Colts.

    Jones should carry the football 12-15 times per game and catch 5 passes per game. The goal is to get him in space and to the edge or outside. Then, his speed becomes lethal.

    Jones has the ability to get 1,000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving on a consistent basis.
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    Felix Jones is a RB.

    Tashard Choice is a RB.
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    I was with you until you called Hershall Walker an outside runner. He sucked on the sweeps and really wide plays because he had no wiggle and couldn't change direction very well. Hershall was a powerful man, an powerful runner with great speed.
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    The Vikings pounded Walker between the tackles constantly. He took a beating in Minnesota. They used him as a hammer. That isn't the best way to use him. I'm not saying that Walker wasn't tough, because he was tough. You have to get him in space and to the outside, so he can use that speed. You have to use him as a receiver, too. Landry did that. Walker was never a jack hammer.

    That is o.k. I respect your view.

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