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    I recently wondered if Jason Witten was afforded an option route every time he went out on a pass. In that story, I described a particular play in the first drive of the offense. The following images are from that play.

    As I had described it:

    Before the snap, Witten has read the field, likely making the same deductions as Romo, and can see the corner on his side is playing off coverage, the safety is deep, and the outside linebacker is likely assigned to cover him. At the snap, Kevin Ogletree and Witten go straight up the field. The corner has turned his hips and is playing man coverage over top, so the first read - Ogletree deep - is covered. Witten has run seven yards downfield, and now has his option.

    Let me start off by saying I was wrong about the linebacker. The defense is in a nickel formation and I missed that there are actually two inside (nickel) linebackers and the other is actually the third corner covering Miles Austin in the slot.
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    I LOVE these write ups, thanks for sharing Joe! I actually subscribe to the feed in google reader. If you know of any other sites that explain plays and such, would love to know.

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    yw buddy, there's bob sturn's on dallas morning news i think, and dallascowboystimes, another one football 101 too

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