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    1. DE/OLB Marc Schiechl Oredigger
    (6'2 252 lbs) (38 reps, 4.65 40, 35'' vertical)
    Marc is an extremely productive D-II player. He set D-II record for career sacks (46) and 4th all time for tackles for loss (70.5). He carried that production over to the offseason when he was awarded the Cactus Bowl defensive MVP (D-II all star game), as he was clearly a man among boys even among the best players in division II. Marc uses his elite athleticism and incredible strength (see here) to dominate opposing players. However, he'll need to develop the finer points of the game, as he can be too aggressive at times and miss assignments. In addition, he is a bit undersized for a DE in the NFL and will have to switch to outside linebacker.

    2. WR Demario Ballard Wolf
    (6-foot-5 1/2, 219 lbs) (9 reps, 4.49 40, 35 1/2" vertical)
    Demario was formerly a basketball player in college before switching to football. 2010 was his first year starting for Western Oregon, and exploded with 35 receptions, 620 yds, 18 ypc, and 5 tds in only 9 games. Looking at his highlight reel Demario seems like a natural pass catcher, although he is extremely raw and will take time to develop. But with his size and athleticism his potential is through the roof.
    Highlights: link

    3. DE/OLB Keith Darbut Yellow Jacket
    (6'4, 240 lbs) (26 reps, 4.38 40, 38" vertical)
    Super-athletic Division III player who recorded 11 sacks his senior year. Played at 230 lbs in college, but supposedly bulked up to 240 in the offseason, and will probably still need to add another 10 pounds in the NFL. However, as an OLB with a 40 of 4.38 he could still add weight and remain blazing fast.
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    Wrap im up, I'll take em. :D As UDFA.

    That kid Darbut can really fly. Like that he plays both strongside & weakside with equal abandon.
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    Nice research!
    It looks like the 4.38 fourty is legit:
    Josh Buchanan's
    Thursday, 17 March 2011 18:24
    Our jaws dropped at the workout put up by Baldwin-Wallace DE #10 KEITH DARBUT (6041, 229) when he benched 26 reps, ran a 4.38 40-yard dash, 1.42 10-yard, 38-inch vertical, 10'6 broad jump, 4.45 short shuttle, and 7.28 3-cone. Because of that we have done some digging on him and below is what we found out.
    Darbut is from Miami, Florida and was relatively quiet his first three years because of no coaching consistency. He's had three defensive line coaches and two defensive coordinators in his career.
    He was a first-team All-OAC selection and named defensive lineman of the year in the OAC in 2010. His 43 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, 11 quarterback hurries, two fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles, and 40-yard touchdown reception show he makes plays in plenty of different ways.
    Because he is very lean and fast he likely won't play end in the NFL but his athleticism should allow him to convert to rush outside linebacker.
    Darbut is reportedly in the 240 range right now and will be worked out by the Ravens, Jaguars, and Dolphins next week. We will bring you official results from this workout as we get them.
    read the story here:
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    yep, i posted about this guy before :starspin
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    Joe with all you post, I'm amazed if someone can slip anyone past us.

    Thank you,
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    :D i try buddy, i try :star:
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    I'd pick them in the third, fourth and fifth rounds. Demario Ballard's measurables match top 5 pick type for WR this year, and the other two have measurables that significantly exceed all LB's.

    A coach who has confidence in his training will drool over getting 1st round measurables in the mid rounds. He'll advocate hard to get these guys.

    Think Larry Allen out of Sonoma State. We can get these guys, all three of them, I hope.

    Nice Work!

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