BTB: Looming Cowboys Cap Issues

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 27, 2012.

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    LOL. I guess you yearn for the Vinny Testaverde days, huh?
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    yeah sure. Talk about someone who really is unaware...
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    he should change his screen name to section 8
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    The cap always has been and always will be a joke. Every year it's the same thing, "the cap will prevent this and that". Teams have figured out how to work around the cap.

    If the Cowboys want to get a player or keep a player, they will figure it out money wise.

    The biggest problem they have is: what players do they want to get/cut/extend. This is the biggest problem they have and that ties back to the ability of JJ and Stephen as "football guys".
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    The problem is that the cap is NOT going up and will not be going up for at least several years.

    Before with an ever increasing cap you could play games and such; now you cannot.
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    When Tony is gone in 2 years or less, you will be one of the many lined up saying you knew it all along.:laugh2:
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    If im Romo why do i want to play in this organization? Why? Could you imagine how great Romo would be throwing to fitzgerald in Phoenix, or Replacing Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, how about the second coming to Jets fans?

    And if im Romo i make Jerry Seriously over pay me cause i KNOW how crappy this team is and that i will be on my back/injured the entire contract ... need the extra cash for retirement.
  9. supercowboy8

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    Why go to Az, their OL is worse than ours. If I was him I would go to KC and bring miles with me. Then make KC get a top TE. They already have a good OL and only a few pieces away on defense.
  10. Cowboys22

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    As I recall, there is over $20 million in dead money coming off the cap this year. I understand that salary increases may eat up a lot of that new cap space but they can restructure the guys they want to keep to create whatever room they need. None of it matters though if we are talking about brings back essentially the same players and coaches!
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    Now let's get a bidding war started and trade him to the highest offer. We should do the same with anyone who will be 30 or older in 2013. Orton can compete with any youngster they might bring in and that might give us 2-3 years to rebuild/retool the team for the next football generation. I'm also including Rat, Witten, Ware, Hatcher, & everyone else over 30. These guys have had years to get us over the hump and just couldn't because of talent, coaching or coddling by management. Either way, time to dump and start over!!!
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    It's beyond me.

    This guy is a complete imbecile if he thinks Scandrick is overpaid.

    Bales' statistical analysis of Dallas defense can be found in the Newszone under Sabin's article:

    "On 25 targets, Scandrick has given up only 6.1 YPA. That’s a remarkable number from the slot. Scandrick has also allowed a completion on only 48.0 percent of throws his way, and he still hasn’t given up a touchdown."

    Just don't get the Scandrick hate, the guy is an outstanding slot corner.
  13. UDcowboysfan

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    Romo- Is our savior at QB until we draft a bonafide replacement
    Scandrick- The guy is playing up to his contract, CB are hard to find
    Ratliff- Dominant when he is healthy....we shall see
    Free- Cut or massive restructuring in the teams favor, I'd rather see a younger stronger player take over, it couldn't be worse
    Austin- Restructure but he is still a pretty good player
    Hatcher- He might get over paid by another team. I'd prefer to draft a replacement than pay him.
  14. AbeBeta

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    This article is, in a nutshell, all that is wrong with most fans' interpretation of the salary cap.

    First, guys needing new deals. The idea that Spencer, Lee, Romo, and Hatcher needing new deals after 2013 (Spencer sooner) will somehow blow out our cap is 100% off-base. New deals actually SAVE money for the cap year in question. Take the Brandon Carr contract. ( He's 5 years/50 mill but his first year cap hit is 3.2 million. He is slated to count like 16 mill against the cap in 2013. However, much of that salary is going to be converted to bonus, meaning his cap hit will be closer to 4 mill. So the first two years of his deal ... miniscule cap hits. It is that way with most big contracts (unless a team has a ton of extra space to use up).

    Second, the "cap hit to release" interpretation. It would cost 4.7 mill to release Miles Austin. If we keep him, it is an 8.3 mill cap hit. Releasing him save 3.6 million. You don't have a cap problem when your contracts allow you to save cap space via release (although I doubt Miles gets released as he's on pace for a 1000 yard season)

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