BTB: Mocking The Cowboys Draft: The Rise Of The Linemen

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Mocking The Cowboys Draft: The Rise Of The Linemen
    by One.Cool.Customer on Jan 28, 2011 3:46 AM EST

    Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder is one Cowboys candidate for the No. 9 pick in some mock drafts.

    Another week is almost over and we have got another edition of freshly mocked drafts to peruse.

    The highlight of this week's mock draft roundup is the magical disappearance of Prince Amukamara from the ninth spot on almost all mock drafts. Perhaps Jerry's comments from the Senior Bowl practices scared the mockers away, but it's more likely that Prince has simply moved up the rankings, just out of the Cowboys' reach.

    Even Mel Kiper is finding it difficult to let Amukamara slide all the way to the ninth spot:

    "I can't see (Amukamara) getting past Dallas. Now, surprises happen every draft, and you never say never, but right now, I had a tough time getting him down to Dallas," Kiper said. "I didn't even feel great about pushing him down to Dallas. I thought about even giving him to a couple teams earlier. San Francisco (at No. 7) could go corner, maybe somebody could trade up and get him."

    As a result, this week sees an influx of both both offensive and defensive linemen as the Cowboys' first pick...
  2. garyv

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    No Way on Solder not worth a high pick too much of a Project when you can take Gabe Carimi....
  3. Sam I Am

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    Houck likes big road grader offensive lineman. Solder is not a guy we are looking at.
  4. fortdick

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    And how has that been working out for us?
  5. AKATheRake

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    Which one our our current o-linemen has Houck chosen in a draft? Free? Let Red and Houck get the linemen they want to work with in their system instead of Parcells and Jerry's mix match group from years prior.

    I bet a huge improvement would come of those newly chosen big road grader type of linemen. The guys currently here don't compliment one another very well at all.
  6. Sam I Am

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    What are you saying? You want to switch to a zone blocking scheme? Thats what Solder will be.
  7. baj1dallas

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    The other thing is that there is some question if Solder is really ready to play in the NFL next season and especially at RT. He's got one year experience at tackle and that's at LT.

    He is not a good fit for the Cowboys, especially if they want him to start next season. I think if he's drafted, many people will end up disappointed before he can earn their appreciation.
  8. Hoofbite

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    I'd rather move away from the "road grater" model.

    Too damn slow and their ability to get out in space sucks.

    Start finding guys who are a little lighter and that can move.
  9. burmafrd

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    Personally I like man on man; but get more athletic guys who can move.
  10. Fletch

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    Dangit! I just want to hit on at least one big time lineman. Can we get that much?
  11. brickman

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    Definitely need to get linemen that can move. A couple of those guys (Bigg and Colombo) can't get out of their own way.
  12. acer941

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    Cause he was in a zone blocking scheme in college doesnt means he cant learn a new blocking style which is simpler.
  13. SilverStarCowboy

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    NFL blocking schemes have evolved to include more athletic play by the Olineman.

    Offensive Lineman have to be able to move, read and trap to be fully effective. Dallas plays out far too one demetional.

    Defenses have become more evolved and complex to the point that you can't get away with a one on one scheme on every play.
  14. natesboys051

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    If Von Miller (OLB) or Peterson (CB) or Quinn (DE) don't fall to us at pick#9, we'd be better off drafting one of the top tier OT studs in this year's DRAFT in the 1st Rd and a top tier stud OG or Center in Rd 2. Bill Belichick says the best OL guys are usually 6'4" 310lbs (give or take 5-9 lbs) with big bottoms and long strong arms/hands to 'run block' and 'stonewall' pass rusher or guide pass rushers around the QB pocket'.

    While this describes top tier OG's Moffitt, Watson, & Ijalana (among other stud OG or Center prospects), we can pick one of them in the 2nd Rd at pick 40 while grabbing one of the top tier OT's like Carimi, Solder, or Canstonzo or Sherrod, Smith, Canon, or other stud OT with our 9th pick (or other lower pick if we could slide down in exchange for an extra 3rd or 4th Rd pick).

    I really don't SEE this happening because Buffalo or San Francisco or Bengals or Tennessee will start the QB grab by nabbing Cam Newton and then you'll see the other top tier QB's start to go soon after.

    Therefore, I really SEE either Quinn or Von Miller falling to us at pick #9. Will Jerry and staff take either of them or try and trade down to grab a top tier OT along with an extra draft pick. That is the million dollar question?
  15. silverbear

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    What's wrong with big men who can move??

    Every draft has a few of them, you just have to find them...

    However, Solder is not what the Cowboys want, or what I want... I do not want us to go to some sissy zone blocking scheme; the Cowboys achieved greatness with big ol' mastodons who could run some, that's what I want again...
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    There are 0 offensive tackles worth taking at the #9 spot.
  17. burmafrd

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    Frankly looking at this class I doubt there is one of them worth taking at the #15 slot.
  18. btcutter

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    might feel different retrospectively in 1-3 every draft;)
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    I don't think so either.

    Right now I'd target an offensive lineman at with pick #40.
  20. Dash28

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    I think that is the best target area in this draft.

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