BTB: Raiders vs. Cowboys: Breaking Down Dallas' Game Plan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Raiders vs. Cowboys: Breaking Down Dallas' Game Plan


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    Sitting with the same 6-5 record as the division rival Eagles, the Cowboys again face a pivotal matchup, this time a tilt with the Raiders. Dallas really needs to come up big before closing out the season with Chicago, Green Bay (and presumably a healthy Aaron Rodgers), Washington and Philly.

    The 'Boys are currently 9.5-point favorites over Oakland, so they're fully expected to win the game. That's seemed to spell trouble in the past, with Dallas playing up and down to their competition.

    To ensure they come out victorious, the Cowboys will need to win a few keymatchups and play smart football along the way. Here's how they can do that.

    Blitz quarterback Matt McGloin.

    The Raiders will be starting rookie quarterback Matt McGloin. Through three games,McGloin has completed only 55.7 percent of his passes. At ABC, I gave an extended explanation as to why I think that's the case:

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    My guess is we'll stack the line to help contain the run. Listening to Cowboys radio and Broaddus makes it seem like Jennings is the biggest threat to our run defense. With having Hatcher back playing the middle and Wilber manning the strong side at LB we should be ok.

    Because of Oakland's threat if the run we need to move the ball down on them and make them play catch up early; forcing them to pass.


    Dallas 27
    Oakland 16
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    I'm not sure what they will do. Sims is over pursuing and not getting off blocks well like a lot of the front seven. That's if they aren't getting zone blocked away from the play. IMO, they need to cover the OL and let those fast guys have a better chance at getting to the ball. OTOH, they may have already looked at that and it's worse that way. It'd be interesting in seeing them play differently tomorrow. I'd blitz more and I'm talking about 6 guys at least with two off the corner. I'd press the WRs and play man under some but mix it up and try and confuse him. I'd show blitz a lot and do so at first then intermittently. We'll see.
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    Hoping for a heavy dose of church being a hawk on the run game!
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    What happened to Pryor? I thought he was doing pretty good. As un-confident as I feel about Dallas, I don't see them having much trouble with a rookie-led Raiders team. I see this being our second blowout win of the season (the first being the Rams).
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    Jared Veldheer activated; Tyler Wilson released

    Oakland Raiders have made it this far with a patchwork offensive line that's done its best to protect both Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin this season. The return of Jared Veldheer will help. The underrated left tackle was activated off short-term injured reserve Wednesday after partially tearing his triceps in August,the team announced. In a corresponding move, the Raiderswaived disappointing rookie passer Tyler Wilson. For now, Veldheer is expected to rotate bookend snaps with veteran offensive tackle Khalif Barnes. In recent practices, Veldheer's presence at left tackle has allowed the Raiders to shift Barnes to left guard, a lineup we might see Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Pryor will be a back up against us. Raiders' coaching staff feels McGloin deserves another start based on his last two game performances, but they will most likely incorporated some packages for Pryor to take advantage of his skillset as QB/Runner.
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    I disagree with his assessment that we should play the pass. This team will get run all over if we play some kind of cover 2 deep, etc. The Giants lost mainly due to abandoning the run. The Raiders were taking notes. We need Church up in the box.
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    I have large hands ... and large feet. :)
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    Our run defense really needs to step up today. They are going to make a few plays, but we cant let them consistently pound it at us.

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