Recap: BTB:Recapping Contract Wednesday For The Dallas Cowboys

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    by Tom Ryle on Mar 15, 2012 12:00 AM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Free Agents
    After almost twenty-four hours of waiting and wondering, fans of the Dallas Cowboys saw the team sign four free agents during the second day of free agency, and also saw some other players leave for good. Although there are indications that the team is not done yet, we at least have an idea of what the team has going into the draft

    I feel a huge sense of relief. After the last minute announcement of the railroading . . . er, assessment of penalties against the Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, there was some uncertainty about just what this meant for the teams in free agency. The answer seems to be that it doesn't mean jack, as Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones got some players the team wanted, with more still possible.

    The big name acquisition for the day was CB Brandon Carr from the Kansas City Chiefs. A talented player who was considered one of the top available cornerbacks, and thought by many to be the best, he is a welcome addition to a team that was getting a tad desperate for quality defensive backs by the end of last season. The only negative is the five year/$50.1 million contract, but when Cortland Finnegan signed his five year/$50 million deal with the St. Louis Rams, it was pretty obvious that the price tag for Carr was going to be steep. Having to top the Finnegan deal by only $100,000 is actually pretty good, and the negotiations to keep it that close may be why we had to wait a day to get word that it was done. Carr certainly talked like he was all for the deal from the very start, describing himself as "blown away" by the way the team treated him.
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    The continued waiting for the Carr deal that was "done" was tense, but overall a good day.

    On the other hand, with as many holes as we need to fill, it would be hard not to make some decent moves.

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