BTB:Roster: Recent Moves Part Of Larger, Coherent Plan

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 2, 2013.

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    By rabblerousr@rabblerousr on Sep 2 2013, 5:12p 43
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    The aquisition of Kyle Bosworth didn't happen in a vacuum. - Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE
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    The recent flurry of cuts, trades and acquisitions can be seen as the punctuation mark on an offseason during which the Cowboys have pursued a clear set of goals.
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    In the past few days, we have been treated to a slew of transactions: cutting the roster down to 75, and then to 53, compiling the practice squad, trading Sean Lissemore and Dante Rosario, and acquiring former Chief Edgar Jones and former Giant Kyle Bosworth. Whew, that's a lot of work by the front office! Lest we think all this work takes place in isolation, I think its important to view these various moves in light of the entire Cowboys offseason. Indeed, they can be understood as the final piece in the offseason puzzle, one designed to play (and to win) games in a very specific fashion.
    As a way to understand what I'm talking about, allow me to take you back to November of last year, to a game in Philadelphia. The Cowboys stumbled to their second-lowest offensive output (and lowest passing total) for the season, and were outplayed by a woeful Eagles squad for much of the game. They trailed 17-10 late in the third quarter before turning it around and winning going away, 38-23. How did they do this when the offense was held in check the entire night? Simple: they got three cheap touchdowns: a 78-yard punt return from Dwayne Harris, a 47-yard Brandon Carr pick six, and a Jason Hatcher fumble recovery in the end zone following an Anthony Spencer sack.
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    Must be that "secret sauce"
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    You can see a concerted effort to upgrade every facet of our game.

    Offense: Frederick, Escobar, Williams
    Defense: Tampa 2, Kiffin/Marinelli
    Special Teams: Every special teams player you have heard us acquire
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    Makes sense. I like the moves we've made. Added (in theory) special teams guys, draft picks and didn't lose much from what I can see.
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    What is being missed on Magee is that Cleveland is responsible for that guaranteed money. I don't think he played STs well enough for them to keep right now. It's all about the Giants game.
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    Since when has this org had any coherent plan?
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    And how much money is that?

    As for the plan, is it to acquire st talent 3yrs into the new administration? I don't buy it.
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    All I know is, the special teams better be good. We already wasted the whole 2009 draft on special teams.
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    The 2009 draft was the worst since 1985, Mike Mayock said.
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    All 70,000 of it.
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    I know we seemed to like Magee and valued him as a 4th rounder but he just didn't seem to do much. I really didn't see much difference between him, Reed and McSurdy.

    The guy I"m upset to have lost is Albright but he has a long history of injuries. I'm not sure he'll make it back next year but I'd like to see him give it as a try as a backup LB and ST player.
  12. CowboysPhan

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    Things change. I've been seeing signs of a coherent plan for the past couple of years.
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    Took six posts. Not sure if that's normal or a little bit good. :)
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    That is a very informative article.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    I prefer to look at the 24 minute mark. That's how long it took and I'm going to say that is actually over the normal.
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    they churned the bottom of the roster which they have been doing for a couple years.
    we've found some quality players that way and on the other hand guys we've held onto like say isaiah stanback never amounted to anything.
    definitely a tough line there.
    either keep rookies and develop them or get 53 guys who can play now.
    you gotta be there in the middle somewhere on that unless you plan to win 12 or lose that many.

    magee was flat outplayed by 7 guys. then he didnt look like much help on special teams.
    that's a guy you get to the practice squad if you can but we cant carry every mediocre middle round draft pick 3 years.
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    - Is the plan a 3-4 or a 4-3?
    - We're a 2TE offense with Marty B - no wait a 3WR offense with Dwayne Harris - no, wait, screw it just draft a WR and a TE back-to-back in rounds 2 and 3 and we'll flip a coin: heads we put Williams on the field tails its Escobar.
    - Smaller mobile linemen in Arkin and Nagy. Crap, wait, big slow guys like Bernie, Leary, and Livings!
    - The plan is always to go after UDFA rookies because we turn them into Tony Romos and Miles Austins. ...except for when we eschew them entirely to fill the roster with journeymen like Nick Hayden, Eric Frampton, Dante Rosario, Jeremy Parnell, Danny McCray and cut guys like Brandon Magee for those like Kyle Bosworth.

    Just nothing but consistency under Garrett. The sun and moon calibrate their orbits to the steadiness of this team.
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    The article could have mentioned that Bosworth and Jones come from teams 1 and 2 on our schedule. Maybe that much was obvious, but possibly not coincedental.
  19. visionary

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    the only consistency under garrett has been lip service
    the team itself has gone thorugh several philosophical iterations and been inconsistent and undisciplined on the field
  20. Future

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    I think that since JG took over they have...though I think evidence of that was limited by some of the players he had to inherit who were either on the decline, had terrible contracts, or both.

    I griped about the JG signing at the time, and stand by that, but I do like what he is trying to do in terms of building a team.

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