News: BTB: Should The Cowboys Keep Holding Training Camp In Oxnard?

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    Should The Cowboys Keep Holding Training Camp In Oxnard?
    By Tom Ryle@TomRyleBTB on Jul 24 2014, 3:00p 30


    Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

    The contract to hold Cowboys training camp in California is running out. A new facility is going up in Frisco. Could the end be near for the annual trip to Oxnard?

    The annual trip to training camp for the Dallas Cowboys is, like so much about the team, just more than it is with other teams. More travel. More spectacle. More expense. More attention.

    In a time when more and more NFL teams are conducting the entire preseason at the main team facility, you have to wonder if Jerry Jones is going to keep this up.

    A decision will have to be made before the next preseason, because the current contract is up this year.

    The Dallas Cowboys are in their third and final year of their contract to hold training camp practices in Oxnard, Calif., but the club also has a three-year option it can exercise to return to the West Coast.

    The three-year option is "at the Cowboys' sole discretion," according to the the contract, and could keep the club's training camp practices in Oxnard through 2017.

    Not only does the extra expense, travel, and overall effort have to be considered, but the Cowboys are getting a new team headquarters in Frisco to replace the current Valley Ranch complex. The new complex will also be used for high school football games and other events, but make no mistake, the main reason it is being built is to provide a 12,000 seat indoor stadium for practices, plus two outdoor fields for the team to work out on. With all that, is it really logical to keep packing up all that equipment and hauling it out to the Pacific Coast each year?...
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    Dallas Cowboys not likely to sign extension with Oxnard for training camp in 2015 for another 2 to 3 months**************%2Fresources%2Fimages%2FSD-logo-50.jpg%3Fs%3D52&r=G
    By Brandon George / Reporter

    ...On Tuesday, the Oxnard City Council held a closed session to discuss negotiations regarding a potential sale of the land being used for parking.

    The city has an offer to buy the land, Flynn said. However, the developer is also interested in purchasing the land the city owns that’s used for Cowboys training camp.

    The City of Oxnard, however, wants to keep the Cowboys, and thus, wants to keep the land used for camp and also secure the land used for parking.

    “Things are going in a very positive direction,” Flynn said. “The longer we wait the longer it’s not clear what’s going to be available next year, and we know the more the possibility the Cowboys could look elsewhere. We would like to get this resolved as quickly as we can.

    “The Cowboys have never said to the city that, ‘We’re not going to come back if this land situation is not resolved.’ They just want to protect themselves.”

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