News: BTB: The Anthony Spencer Challenge

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by natedoug, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Interesting stats. I hope they can keep him at a reasonable price.
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    Nice list of players who don't have the luxury of playing opposite DeMarcus Ware.
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    dead on

    Kegbearer has carried water for Spencer from day one so consider the source.
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    Fess up burma, you still want a 4-3 matched bookends outside. Don't blame you. But Kegbearer put into context some of the view by the Dallas coaching staff. I would listen to what they said on most things, myself.
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    The only way I'd keep him is if he's still around after the first wave of free agency and maybe he starts to become a bargain.
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    I sorta agree...

    But TFL and forced fumbles have nothing to do with the guy on the other side. And if I'm not mistaken, the only guys with more sacks play opposite Orakpo, Aldon Smith, and James Harrison. Houston from KC, who had .5 sacks and 2 TFL fewer, plays opposite Tamba Hali. It's not like other succesful guys are playing with scrubs, except maybe Clay Matthews.

    Not to mention the fact that Spencer is in coverage quite a bit.

    Spencer's problem is not ability or talent. It's focus. For some reason, he can't consistently play at a high enough mental level to have a great season. I understand we can't bring him back if he's going to command a big contract, but saying this guy is a terrible player, the weakness of our defense, or that he can be easily replaced, ignores all that he does well. Many call for Victor Butler...he was downright bad this year. It's a difficult position to play, and Spencer is a great athlete. It's up to JG and Rob Ryan to get him mentally prepared to be an excellent player.
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    Aldon Smith plays nearly exclusively on passing downs. Any success that the guy playing opposite of him has, is more because of the guy playing than it is because of Smith.

    Kerrigan was a rookie and will likely get better, something that can't be said about Spencer.

    Regardless who the other guys play opposite of, Ware is the best pass rushing LB in the NFL and if you're playing with that sort of support on the other side, you need to carry your own.

    At the very least you need to put the effort in on a play-by-play basis.

    That's Spencer's problem. He's lazy. He admitted to quitting last year and he's a complete slouch whenever he feels like it. He hasn't played anywhere close to his level of play during the 2nd half of the 2009 season and it's because he's a content millionaire.

    I don't want him.

    Give me Brooks. I'd pay handsomely for a guy who will put the effort in and has produced with limited support on the opposite side. If Brooks can outperform Spencer with a part time player on the other side, imagine what he can do with an every down player who happens to be the best OLB in the NFL.

    And TFL and FF do have something to do with the guy on the other side. If you constantly face one-on-one matchups because the guy on the other side is getting double teamed or triple teamed, you're benefitting from that other guy.
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    Take a look at what Greg Ellis was able to do opposite of Ware, and then tell me if Almost Anthony is worth keeping around.

    Either you have it like Sean Lee, or you don't like Bradie James.

    Once we get a truly good player opposite of Ware, folks will do one of a few things; 1. Be grateful for the incredible production we're getting out of both OLB's 2. Forget Anthony Spencer 3. Be pissed we ever wasted another draft pick in the Parcells era 4. Be pissed we wasted some of Ware's tremendous playing ability with a sub-par Jack on the opposite side of him for so long.
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    My question, since every thing is first run out on a ledge and told to just jump for public satisfaction, after your statement. If it was your team to coach, would you first attempt to gain a defensive front seven equal to NY and the Eagles, without even as good an offensive line as the Giants and Philadelphia? Or would you first upgrade your offensive line to utilize a superior group of special skills players on offense?
  11. burmafrd

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    3-4 is the way to go with what we have. But Spencer just cannot get it done; almost anthony. He is just half a step slow.

    THis was his CONTRACT year and he will never be better and not likely as good as he was this year. He was supposed to be better then Ellis and he is not as good. Time to move on
  12. Hoofbite

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  13. CCBoy

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    Your words always have a concept when you present them. Based purely on stength of body of work up to here, I can't argue with a word you stated. The point that sticks in my crawl, is that there is a boat load of crap to get rid of at this point...and maintaining a full roster is going to take compromise here and there.

    Both the offensive and defensive line need immediate upgrade. The offensive line needs at least two very significant upgrades.

    Then there is the defensive secondary. Darren Woodson stated that Dallas needs to start completely over and wipe out the complete group. That could even be a realistic objective...and this time, if Jerry wasn't so soft in his own projections on were talent fits back together.

    See, I do know how to chunk a rock and hit target, but most of the time, you aren't matched up with Goliath and with a sling shot.
  14. Eskimo

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    Yes, there are many potential roster vacancies to fill.

    However, one way to think of it is Spencer is no longer part of this team at all. His contract is done and he is a UFA and is amongst that entire pool of players for us to choose from. We know now that Spencer is no longer part of this team we have a hole at SOLB to fill on this defense. We have 3 routes to try and fill that hole: promote from within, FA or draft.

    On the promote from within we have Albright/Butler. I happen to think this platoon may provide production fairly close to what Spencer did at about $6M/yr savings (Cowboys FO may disagree with my assessment). We can decide if we want to stick with this or bring back Spencer at the additional cost.

    Alternatively, we can look at UFA and see if there is a better candidate available either because they cost less for the production they provide or can provide more production likely at a higher cost. In this realm, I would really be happy if we took a run at Cliff Avril who is a very athletic DE (6-3 260 pounds, 4.51 40 at the Combine in 2008) at age 25 who has experience playing OLB and has put up 19.5 sacks over the last two years. His cost will be about $9M/yr and I think this would be a good allocation of resources even though it is quite expensive. However, it will immediately make our defense much more dynamic at rushing the passer without needing to blitz. This should be our #1 FA target by far, IMO (our FO may disagree with me).

    Lastly we can go into the draft where the candidates mentioned include Nick Perry, Mel Ingram, C. Upshaw, V Curry and Bruce Irvin. I like Ingram in the first or Irvin in the second. I think both stand a reasonable chance of offering up an upgrade over Spencer.

    Basically in the end I think any of the 3 routes will give us more bang for the buck than trying to re-sign Spencer who I believe to be vastly overrated as a player due to playing with 3 great players in the front 7 (Lee, Ratliff, Ware) that results in decreased focus from the offense at trying to limit him. I think his numbers will fall of a cliff when he leaves here and we will laugh at how much he is overpaid by his next employer.
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    Hey, watching the Houston game and it's Barwin not Reed that is the SOLB for Houston.

    11.5 sacks.

    Nice article.
  16. Hoofbite

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    LB from SD.

    Barnes with 11 sacks this season.

    2 guys with 11+ sacks left off the list?


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