News: BTB: The Cowboys Missing Piece: A Pass Rushing 5-Tech?

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    by CotySaxman on Mar 10, 2012 11:00 PM CST in Dallas Cowboys General

    Some fans believe that the Cowboys are truly one piece away from a Super Bowl. If that's the case, what is that piece? In this series, I will offer potential needs for the Cowboys, examine who might be able to fill them, and explain why this is the missing piece that will bring the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

    Just 12 months ago, the Cowboys were courting JJ Watt as a candidate for the No. 9 overall pick, which was eventually used on Offensive Tackle Tyron Smith. Despite carrying a number of Defensive Ends on the roster, the Cowboys, and Rob Ryan, apparently felt a player like Watt would be an asset to the team, even at 9th overall. Watt's rare combination of size, power, and tenacity confirm that. As the first Offensive Tackle selected in the draft has historically been before pick 9, it's likely that Watt was a contingency plan in the event Smith was drafted by the time the Cowboys were on the clock.The Cowboys only moves at the position since passing on Watt have been the signing of Kenyon Coleman and re-signing of Marcus Spears. The possibility remains that the Cowboys are targeting a pass-rushing 5-tech.
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    To me, I think this is what our biggest shortcoming on the front-seven is. We get little to no pressure from our DEs outside of Jason Hatcher and Lissemore.

    Spears and Coleman are about as inept as you can get in terms of bringing pressure. I'd have to look at the terms of the contract again, but I wonder if Dallas regrets not putting together a strong offer to Stephen Bowen last offseason.

    I think all of this is why you're seeing a lot of folks projecting Fletcher Cox to us in the 1st round. Cox is good, but I don't see him as the equal to Watt. In fact, I don't believe there is a J.J. Watt type player to be had in this draft.

    I do see some guys worth taking though and developing. Guys like Derek Wolfe and Billy Winn to name a few.

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