News: BTB: The Misrepresentation Heard Around The NFL: Will Tony Romo Ever Be The Same?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 2, 2014.

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    The Misrepresentation Heard Around The NFL: Will Tony Romo Ever Be The Same?
    By Kegbearer@KegbearerBTB on Aug 1 2014, 7:30p 127


    In the past couple of days, I kept hearing that the NFL ran teasers about ‘Tony Romo will never be the same' and articles at emphasizing this idea that Romo will simply never be the same kind of player he used to be after having back surgery. It was the misrepresentation heard around the NFL. Articles and tweets soon followed and the headlines read like a bad game of telephone were the final message was a mischaracterization of Romo feeling like he will never be his old self again on the football field.

    To the best of my ability, I tracked down the NFL article that instigated this travesty of "news" headlines. It seems it all began with an article at entitled "Tony Romo knows he'll never be back to normal."

    One of those shock-titles to generate clicks, it is misleading because in the context of football, this idea makes readers think that Romo is admitting he will never be as good a football player as he used to be because of his back surgery. In reality, this is far from what Romo said in the press conference that generated this misconception.

    Romo was asked if he's back to feeling like his old self.

    "Well, you're never going to," he said. "After back surgery, it's like after any surgery. I think you're always going to have to work hard at that. Not everyone knows, but once you have a back surgery, you kinda have to change the way you do things. You have to constantly work on your glutes, your hamstrings, your abs and strengthen everything around that area.

    "That doesn't mean you can't do the things that it takes to be successful on the field or whatever you want to do. There's just been plenty of people that have done it, so you just gotta go do it. It just takes work."

    "I'm 100 percent, it's just -- you have to always work at something, if that makes sense."

    Of course, Tony saying he is 100% and can do anything it takes to be successful on the field isn't going to grab the same kind of national attention as trying to claim Romo thinks he ‘will never be the same.' An honest answer about having to work harder to remain 100% launched dozens of stories and tweets about Romo never being the same after his surgery. Of course, you could still find a few places that were still trying to be more transparent in their news updates. Todd Archer at ESPN Dallas actually led with the headline "Tony Romo believes he can play the same way."...
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    I hope to hope Tony is okay for the next couple of seasons due to the contract and his importance to us being competitive. I thought his passes lacked the zip last season (lack of deep attempts) but he was still highly productive. Just no Aikman round 2 please...this fan base already dealt with that ugly. QB will likely take top priority next off season (first round).
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    Aikman had back surgery, a head concussion, and contract dispute all during the second Super Bowl run. Then had a third Super Bowl as well...
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    I love Aikman dude relax:D I was speaking to the aftermath of his release/retirement.
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    this is really nothing new. Older players get chronic issues from deterioration. Unfortunately back issues are less forgiving. It ended the careers of Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman. I would look at it this way. If your a huge Romo fan....enjoy ever game you can get to see him this year. If your not a huge Romo fan...your time is coming and we are probably looking at a rookie QB in next 2 years.
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    My post was only to put the past into perspective and provide some background information that could be useful in future comparisons.

    I was following up on what you had posted...not directing my comment at you.

    That's called a discussion, you know...
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    How could we know what to think about Romo's health until we know? This is really much to do about a story that is yet to be told.
    We've only read the first few chapters of this book -- there's still a lot more pages to cover before the full story has been revealed.
    Looks to me like some folks have gotten halfway through seeing the full picture and reached conclusions before getting to the end. There's yet almost an entire training camp, preseason and a regular season to take in before the facts are in. Just stay tuned, ok?
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    Oh, I agree. There are a lot of unwritten stories and evaluations between now and the dress rehearsal...and then, the TURK.
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    Actually, we've somehow managed to get .500 ball with him or without him. When he's been out, .500 ball still.

    I'd really like to see us do completely without him for a full season so we can put this little canard to bed once and for all.
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    If Manning came back from having a bone fused in his neck, I think Romo can come back too. If our defense is ever barely average, I think we can snag a playoff win this year despite Garrett.
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    Watching Romo in practice, he really looks tentative and stiff, not fluid at all. They're talking about holding him completely out of the game Thursday.
    BIG difference between neck fusion and lower back herniated disk. BIG difference.
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    I'm trying to make sense of this. What does one surgery have to do with another?

    Or is this just some Go Cowboys type stuff?
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    Because like, both were on quarterbacks and stuff. Plus we gotta work in a Romo/Manning comparison some way, besides the normal man/boy one.
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    I prefer to see us field the most competitive team possible based on who's on our roster. So no, I don't want to see us go a full season with Brandon Weeden or Caleb Hanie at the helm just so some fans can put a pointless "canard to bed once and for all".

    It's OBVIOUS that Romo's our best option.
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    blah, blah, blah....stupid media....
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    Sad comment on fans:

    Ray Rice gets a standing ovation at camp.

    Cowboy fans hate on their QB. Who has never ever done anything to warrant that hatred.
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    Well, because by all accounts I've heard manning'a injury was more serious. He came back and had a good season. They both play qb in the NFL. So, likely Romo can come back as well.

    Make sense?

    Go Cowboys?
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    Irvin retired from narrowing of the spine, which was revealed after his neck injury from the crap hole of Eagles land.
    He could have played but he decided the risk was not worth it. So not really a back injury, it was something that had been there all along.

    Aikman, retired for other reasons, but the back issue did play a part of it. He has said himself, he thought about returning as the Eagles were interested, but decided not to pursue it. I believe he retired more from concussions than the back, but that's just my opinion. Plus he was due some big money from JJ that next year, and the team questioned, was it worth paying a declining player, with concussion and back issues. I think it is easier for all to say it was the back issue is why he retired.
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    Ok;) You responded to me to talk to someone else...easier than admitting you missed the context.
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