News: BTB: The Misrepresentation Heard Around The NFL: Will Tony Romo Ever Be The Same?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Some of the anti Romo guys I respect and can disagree with because it's interesting give and take and some...well. This particular poster is new but how can you expect to be taken seriously with that ".500 without Romo" nonsense.
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    I agree with all of this ^^.
    It is Definitely an issue.
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    This all is hilarious.

    The safest thing to say is Romo won't be the same. So many are saying it in a negative connotation, yet the fact that he is having to do so much rehab, strengthening and conditioning might turn out to be a benefit. For years people have complained that Romo has not been in great shape. Maybe this year he will be in the best shape of his life. His core might be stronger meaning less chance of injury to the spine. Not so different from a player blowing out a knee and coming out functionally stronger after rehab. It happens a lot.

    The other thing is that it may make him be more of a pocket QB which isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially with an OL that looks like it might be pretty strong in the middle.
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    A lot of intelligent posts to start this thread.
    Let me ruin it by saying my heart just melts every time I see Tony with Hawkins. Such a cutie. Full of testosterone ... just like his daddy:D.
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    Well, you DID hear Tony explain that he needed to work on strengthening the core muscles. Just a small part of his daily regimen. :)
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    As I said in another thread, the training staff is targeting getting him to 100% for the 9er game. He is not that today.
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    Maybe we've got a future QB in waiting there, huh? Who knows . . .
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    the only people who have whined about Romo's conditioning are the haters and doubters. Find a coach or anyone not already against him that has ever said anything about Romo's physical conditioning. Guess what? There ain't any.
  10. Coy

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    Romo is 63-45, that aint .500 buddy.
    This team would be the Jacksonville Jaguars without him this past 6 years.

    We haven't won much but at least he keeps it interesting, nobody can win with constantly awful running games and horrible defensives in the NFL.

    To make matters worse, he's played under Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett for most of his career, let that sink in.
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    I think I'm too old to watch Spongebob but I do about once a month. Better than watching people catching gators or living in a swamp. :confused:
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    We managed to be .500 this last 3 seasons despite having a crappy coach who doesn't care to run the ball and protect his QB and a God awful defense. You take Romo out of the equation and you will see us below the .500 mark.
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    Yes, but if I remember correctly, the stenosis was in his neck. Maybe back as well. That's been a long time ago and I'm getting old.
  14. erod

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    So by this incredibly stupid trend of thought.....

    Peyton Manning is the same guy he was as a rookie. Aikman never changed. Unitas was the same guy his whole career. As was Namath, Marino, Montana, and Elway.

    But Romo is the only quarterback who ever had to adapt to age and injury, and it will end him for good.
  15. manster4ever

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    Back issues are bad enough...but playing QB in the NFL with one? Meh....not good.
  16. manster4ever

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    settle down Francis. Age and injury wait for no man. Romo is no different.
  17. Dodger12

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    When did Aikman have a contract dispute?
  18. Zimmy Lives

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    It kills you later after it (your back) has been strained and even worse if you make the wrong move while holding your child. :p
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    The same season that Emmitt held out. Emmitt held out the first four games, blinked, and then was given a strong contract but not what was being asked for. Troy, although, was in line for a new contract, and didn't receive his own contract that season, until all the way to December. There was some locker room disgust over these conditions and Jimmy Johnson at it's head.

    That was the run to the second Lombardi.
  20. Dodger12

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    I think you may have some of the details confused.........

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