BTB:The True Story Behind the Tyron Smith Knee Rumors

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    The True Story Behind the Tyron Smith Knee Rumors
    by honyock on Apr 13, 2011 7:04 PM CDT

    .I got this from a trusted source hidden deep in the Cowboys upper echelon
    (Jerry Jones office, early this week):
    Jerry: Now Rob, lemme get this straight, you gotta a guy can put our defense over the top? Whozit?
    Rob Ryan: His name is Aldon Smith, and I can work miracles with him.
    Jerry: Smith? Whatthehuh? We already got a Smith coming. Tyree or Lebron or somethin like that.
    Jason Garrett: No Jerry, that's Tyron Smith, and we really need him. Our offensive line sucks. And you promised me a tackle. Like, you double-promised.
    Jerry: Well, no problem! I like'em both! Het-poot, let's get'em both! Two Smiths! Three, if you still count Emmitt! That's great! Get'em all!
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    :laugh2: Good one...

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