BTB: The Value Of The Cowboys Number Nine Pick (good read)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 21, 2011.

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    The Value Of The Cowboys Number Nine Pick
    by One.Cool.Customer on Jan 20, 2011 9:00 PM EST in Dallas Cowboys 2011 Draft

    C.J. Spiller was the number nine pick in 2010. Will the Cowboys stay in the ninth spot in 2011?

    Many draftniks are finding themselves in somewhat of an awkward situation this year as they think about about the Cowboys' number nine pick. The true blue chip prospects will likely be gone by the time the clock starts ticking for the Cowboys on draft day, while none of the prospects at the positions that many feel the Cowboys should target - like O-line and safety - seem to merit a top ten pick.

    Granted, all of this is based on very early and very preliminary draft boards, and with slightly less than 100 days to go until the draft, many a prospect can still move up and down the draft boards significantly. Stephen Jones assured fans that the Cowboys will draft the best player available. But after the season-ending win over the Eagles fans also heard Jerry Jones say that a couple of draft spots may not make a difference for the Cowboys:

    “I would rather have the positive of the last game win than three or so slots in the draft. We may end up with the same player anyway.”
    Who might that “same player anyway” be? Is this a hint that Jerry is already thinking about trading down, and if so, what is the historical precedent for the value of the number nine pick...
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    Very good read..

    I have no problem trading down if Prince or Peterson don't fall to us miraculously.
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    Yeah, but if Peterson did...
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    If Peterson falls to us I'll buy his jersey as soon as it's available. Guy is gonna be a stud. I doubt he gets out of the top 5 though.
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    Easy, Salty, I have a leaking heart valve...and good morning.
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    cj spiller
    bj raji
    keith rivers
    ted ginn jr
    ernie sims
    carlos rogers
    reggie williams
    kevin williams
    john henderson
    koren robinson

    last ten players taken at #9
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    ....that's a mixed bag and then some........if we drafted better, I'd say we should trade down, but since we DON"T maybe we should trade up.:cool:
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    Personally, I'm all for trading down from #9 to like 12 or 15. This team needs more talent. Take a look at the last 10 #12 & #15 picks:

    2010 - #12 Ryan Matthews, #15 Jason Pierre-Paul
    2009 - #12 Knowshon Moreno, #15 Brian Cushing
    2008 - #12 Ryan Clady, #15 Branden Albert
    2007 - #12 Marshawn Lynch, #15 Lawrence Timmons
    2006 - #12 Haloti Ngata, #15 Tye Hill
    2005 - #12 Shawn Merriman, #15 Derrick Johnson
    2004 - #12 Johnathan Vilma, #15 Michael Clayton
    2003 - #12 Jimmy Kennedy, #15 Jerome McDougle
    2002 - #12 Wendell Bryant, #15 Albert Haynesworth
    2001 - #12 Damione Lewis, #15 Rod Gardner

    Uhh, with the draft being the crapshhot that it is, I think that this proves that GREAT value can be had outside the Top 10, ESPECIALLY if that extra pick proves worthy. Most of these guys have either a) had solid careers, b) been excellent starters on their teams, or c) been bonafide stars. The only names on this lists that have sucked have been Bryant (drugs), McDougle (gunshot wound), and Gardner (head case). Lewis and Kennedy have had pretty long careers, even if they arent the stars they were supposed to be.

    Now, let's look at the players this proposed trade would have a) made Dallas lose and b) gain over the last 5 drafts:

    #9 Spiller = #16 Derrick Morgan, #49 Taylor Mays

    #9 B.J. Raji = #16 Larry English, #49 Max Unger

    #9 Keith Rivers = #16 DRC, #49 DeSean Jackson

    #9 Ted Ginn, Jr. = #16 Justin Harell, #49 Kenny Irons

    #9 Ernie Sims = #16 Jason Allen, #49 Kellen Clemens

    The '08-'10 drafts I would take the 16 & 49 in a heartbeat (even with Raji as good as he is), because 2008 ALONE shows how great those later picks can be.

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