News: BTB: Tony Romo: The Choke Artist Myth And Elimination Vs. Playoff Hunt Games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Does Grayhound or big dog have a meaning now?

    And don't tell me you can't figure out who Joe Cocker was...
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    Great post but sadly most of what you are saying falls on deaf ears...err eyes.
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    (in an echo chamber's deep resonance) May the burn barrel buddy with you...
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    Great post. Unfortunately this will be ignored. We also had a chance to potentially draft a superstar in Johnny Manziel. This is going to come back to bite us if Manziel becomes a star and WHEN Romo retires in 2 years with one playoff win in a 10+ year career.
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    I was there for that game......
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    I don't know.... how many times exactly did that happen?


    I wouldn't call it fantastic.

    Do they track that?

    And I've seen Romo do the same thing. What's your point?

    Tell us oh master on the knowledge how many times exactly that Romo's "BS'ing at the line" directly caused a false start. Speculation answers will not be accepted.

    See previous question. No speculation. Proof. Otherwise baseless assertion.

    Since 2009, by my calculation Witten has been the target of 515 of Romo's 2468 pass attempts. Or 21%.
    Funny thing, you think Orton had a fantastic game. Of his 46 pass attempts 16 of them were directed to Witten. That's 35%. Heck Kitna threw to Witten 28% of the time.

    And you know everything I suspect? Legend in your own mind?

    I wonder why you keep pissing and moaning about the same stuff.
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    Here me out, as a Romo supporter, you make some points here that I think make for good debate topics, but those get marginalized in some other sensational claims.

    Manning stated he wasn't going to the NFC East where his brother played. Therefore, I can't say with any certainty that Jerry didn't inquire. IN fact, knowing Jerry, I would be surprised if he didn't. That frenzy is what substitutes for his viagra.

    By no means will I extrapolate the following to a "undebateable issues" but it is interesting. The largest blowouts (>7pt) in the last 3 years all had the following:
    2011 - (Supposed to be the Garrett's first and worst team)
    Rams :34-7 - Romo 166 yards - 2TD 0 INts
    Sea: 23-13 - Romo 279yds - 2TD 0Ints
    Buffalo 45-7 - Romo 270 yards - (23/26) 3 Tds and 0 Ints
    TB : 31-15 - Romo 249 - 3TDs 0INts

    Philly: 38-23 Romo 209 2Tds 0INts
    Not greater than 7 but next 2 biggest wins. (2012 was abysmal for the offense and I place slow starts more on Garrett and coaching prep - 2nd half was performance was stronger when abandoning the Garrett playbook and winging it)
    NY: 24-17 - Romo 22/29 - 307yds 3TDs, 1Int (can make a case it was on the rookie Receiver route)
    Philly 38-33: Romo 22/27 - 3TD 0Int

    Rams 31-7. Romo 210 2TDs 0 Ints
    Wash 31-16 Romo 170 1TD 1Int
    Philly: 17-3 : Romo 317 1TD 2Int
    Oak 31-24: Romo 225 1TD 0Int

    First, If you notice, outside the 38-33 Philly game in 2012, the highest opponent point total was 24 (oak 2013, Philly 2012). The rest the opponent scored between 3-17 points. These games typify that if you can get up on an opponent you should be able to make them one dimensional and that helps your defense. Overall, if you get an average defensive perfomance (<20-23 pts), Romo seems to be just fine.

    Looking at 2013. The defense averaged 27 points per game, which is abysmal. However, if you remove the 3 point Philly and 7 point Ram game (which were solid wins as expected) the defense gave up 31.15pts per game. Its hard for me to lay blame on Romo for going 6-7 when he HAS to score >30 points. Remove the Washington game (16 points) and that total jumps to 31.23pts. The next lowest opponent score was 23pts.

    Now did he have bad games in Chicago and NO, yes, but every QB will have a bad game or 2 per year. When Romo had one, rarely did anyone else compensate

    The Brad Johnson quote did you no favors (I blame Garrett for this turd as everyone in preseason knew he couldnt get the ball further than 5 yards down field) . His 3 game line

    Rams 34-14 Loss - 234 yards, 1TD, 3INTs
    TB 13-9 Win - 122 yards 19-33, 1TD 0Ints
    NYG 25-14 Loss - Johnson 5/11 71 yards 0TD, 2INTs - Bollinger 9-16 63 yards 1TD 1INT

    There may be some valid points here. It doesn't go unnoticed that Romo never just heaves the ball OB. He is in the Farve/Young mode where he always wants to make a play. For this style it is what it is and usually it is to the betterment if the team is average..

    I do think the Parcells effect has diminished and Tony has become "on par" (if not higher) with Garrett as far as pecking order to Jones.

    No argument about the amount. Witten is consistent and a great player, but not dynamic. You have to get the ball into the hands of speed more often than not. But this can't be all on Romo. If coaches think its excessive, they can change it

    I will agree that Jerry devalues the QB position based on the Carter, Hutch, Henson, Stoerner, Leaf. He hit a full boat on the river with a UDFA Romo and I do fear that this fed Jerry's perception as "see told you" vs "can you believe I actually got a QB who can score over 13 points from an UDFA pool?"

    If someone could point to the slow starts, 3 and outs, slow tempo being on ROmo, I may start to change my view. THe opposite seems to hold though. We have a game plan, it fails, we get behind, Romo throws caution to the wind from necessity and makes it a game.

    He has flaws as all QBs do, but he is getting no help from the defense or his coaching - IMO
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    Marcus Mosher @Marcus_Mosher
    Via @FO_ScottKacsmar, Tony Romo has 5 career losses w/ missed clutch FGs. Other QBs: Montana- 4 Rodgers - 4 Favre - 3 Ben - 3 Eli - 2

    Retweeted by All 22 Breakdown
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    I think ownership is the problem.
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    There you go, give up thinking for Lent...
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    That's a strange stat that needs some adjustment for era (maybe top 10 in TD instead of 10+ TD) but the point they were trying to get across is a good one.
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    I've seen nothing to debunk anything I've witnessed with my own eyes. Romo is an above average QB with some big wins and comebacks, but that also made some crucial mistakes in big losses. It is what it is until he wins in January.
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    That is fair and reasonable post except that-- the Dallas Cowboys have to win in January and THAT BK is where all the nonsense is generated around here.
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    Ownership/FO is the real issue. Everything else is just a symptom of that.

    You could win with Romo given the right situation/coaching
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    some of you guys are taking this Tony Romo thing way to serious. Its entertainment and ultimately doesn't affect your life or how your life will turn out. Let it play out...if he is savior as some think he will show. If he is ultimate choke that some think...that will be revealed too. But stop with this full court press on trying to convince everyone else to think like you. I would hate to be in the heads of some of you.
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    Can you do first quarter statistics like this?
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    Why would you want to do that? When the Cowboys scored a lot in the first quarters this past season...
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    Yes, but he is part of the team and touches the ball on every offensive play. He needs to step his game up in the elimination/playoffs. I think we can both agree on that.

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