News: BTB: Training camp Observations -Day 1

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by UnoDallas, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Lets start with out first round pick, Tyron Smith. He saw a whole lot of Ware today. Now remember he is a rookie with no minicamps or OTA’s under his belt yet. Ware but him up for a test today and got the better of him. It was a very interesting dynamic, with Ware talking with him after and in between plays and on the side lines. Will get with some of the folks later to discuss but it looked to me like Ware was really coaching this kid and helping him. While Smith struggled with Ware we need to remember that he has had no off-season and goes up against the best in the league. I was very impressed with Smith pulling and covering downfield for run plays and getting out for screens. He seemed to know the playbook and boy is this kid fast getting out there

    Holland came to camp out of shape and not prepared. He started bad and just plain got worse through practice. Knowing Garrett, he will not be on the roster when the season starts, the young guys looked so much better than he did. I think the Boys will pick up Dahl personally on a 2 year contract but we see some of the young guys spelling Dahl, Gurode and Kosier during the season and developing. One guy to watch is Letuli(?) kid has a mean and nasty streak to him. With him, Young, Arkin, Nagy and Costa we can see the future of the interior line.

    Austin looked great. Dez is like night and day from where he started last season

    Other than that both Austin and Dez were catching everything. Witten and Bennet looked very good.
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    Erection much?
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    what dude ?
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    Lmao....sorry, I got a little excited when I read that.
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    Thats just saad and pathetic to hear about holland.oh well. Great to hear Dez improved.
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    Get rid of that load of ---- Holland. What a waste.
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    LOVE IT!
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    Highly recommend reading this write-up INCLUDING the posts below the story as the writer answers questions from readers. Very interesting!

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