News: BTB: What Are The Cowboys Doing At Center?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 20, 2012.

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    by Archie Barberio on Mar 20, 2012 11:14 AM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft
    Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have had a great offseason so far. One of the reasons the Cowboys are going to be a better football team under Jason Garrett is that he knows what he is doing. Wade Phillips was involved in the decision making process during his tenure as head coach, but it is crystal clear that Garrett has a better grasp for making personnel and business decisions.

    One overlooked aspect of the Cowboys offseason is the team finally having a culture set in place. They know what type of players they are looking for and they go out and get them. Targets are set on a priority list, and the higher priority gets the full-ride treatment. Jason Garrett will be entering his second season as head coach, but his detail-oriented ways of thinking are helping this team take the next step.

    After years of inactivity in free agency, the team went out and signed six new players. They didn't just spend money because they had to, they finally spent money because they wanted to. If I were to grade their free agency, I would give them a B+.
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    I agree. People talk of Garrett being here a while as if that is the same as being the HC. As HC he will have a lot more input in what he is trying to put together than as an OC.
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    I agree. Jason Garrett needs to have time given to him. I think good things are coming with some patience, time, and our Defensive and Offensive lines improving considerably.:star:
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    Gotta admit, I was really hoping that getting a rock solid C would be a focal point of our FA player acquisition strategy. So far, not so much.

    I now shift that same hope over to the Draft. :crossed:

    As for giving JG time at HC, I'm all for it. Others may disagree, but he gives me confidence -- rookie HC year faux pas issues aside -- with the direction he's taking the team. Perfect? No. Laser-focused on achieving success? I believe he is.
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    I love the direction garrett is taking this team. hopefully he will get the time needed to completely change the culture of this team and see the results on the field. The arrow is pointed up fellas.

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