Bubble guys and the last preseason game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CooterBrown, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. CooterBrown

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    I watched the whole boring thing just to see the bubble guys and see who I thought might make it to the roster.

    My views: McSurdy- Slow, poor in coverage, bad tackling,
    Lawrence- Slow reactions, poor in coverage, fair tackling
    Heath- bad angles, poor play recognition, bad special team play, bad tackling. McCray and Johnson made the team without even playing.
    Benford- one good catch, two bad drops on perfect passes.
    Armstrong- nothing special, one bad route, weak hands
    Beasley- Nothing more than a slot receiver, but quick with great hands
    Lissemore- clearly better than the other backups
    Pellerin- Not ready yet.
    Moore- clinched his spot
    Wilbur- played, but did nothing
    Vega- Outplayed Wilbur, looked like a keeper
    Cohen- Showed more in the DL than anybody not named Bass, Lissemore, or Vega.
    Oline- Scrubs, scrubs I tell you. Keep Costa and Parnell and dump and dump all of the others that played tonight, including Bell and Arkin (and I've always been an Arkin supporter). Wow, if Tyron Smith gets hurt, this team is in TROUBLE.
    Randle looked quick and strong. If you really need another roster spot, cut Tanner.
    Tanney- despite the beating he took, he completed more than 50% of his passes and several were just dropped. Showed an ability to move in the pocket. Threw a perfect pass to Escobar that should have been caught for a touchdown. And, that pass was under major duress as I didn't see any way he was even going to get a pass off, he stepped up, slid sideways, and threw just before getting nailed. Still too many errant throws, especially early on. Threw one pick, but on a third and twenty with the outcome of the game already determined. Nothing especially good or bad in this game that will determine his status on the roster. If they had already decided to cut him, they will cut him. If they had already decided to keep him, they will keep him.
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  2. dexternjack

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    Was a painful one to watch. Was kind of haphazardly watching but a few things jumped out to me.

    1. Heath lost his chance, he was horrible.
    2. Beasley beats the rest of the scrub WR's on default(hard to scout them this game).
    3. Tanney is a dime a dozen type QB, he should get cut.
    4. I wish we had Keenum, he will be a starter someday, maybe even take Schaub's job later.
    5. There is little quality defensive depth, especially the secondary.
    6. If we have 2 or 3 injuries to our starting O-lineman, write the season off.
    7. Not too concerned with the RB's if Murray goes down, pretty solid there.

    I pray for this team to stay relatively healthy; otherwise, this could be a long season. This team can win 10-12 games if no significant injuries but the overall depth is lacking IMO.
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  3. Prossman

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    As long a Fredrick is in there we will be fine. He goes down , we are in trouble.
  4. Kaiser

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    If Heath and Tanney played there way onto the PS from an active roster spot, IMO that settles the final 53 man roster once we put Livings on the injured list.
  5. rocyaice

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    We had 2 or 3 offensive linemen injuries last season and still had a shot at the playoffs lol. Why should you write the season off this year if we lose any? What's changed?
  6. dexternjack

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    Good catch. I am excluding Livings and Bernie from this scenario. They do not count :)

    If two of three of any combination of Smith/Free/Fred go down, the replacements are not much better than an old rock.
  7. Nirvana

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    if we cut Tanner I'll bet the Giants grab him, worth keeping him just for that
  8. black label

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    We should pickup any of houstons backups they cut because they are all better than our backups.
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  9. coult44

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    So the entire season comes down to one rookie interior linemen. I don't agree with any of that. Frederick is probably the best OL we have and that is RIDICULOUS. Smith has been here long enough where he should be taking the next step. He's has the blindside of one of the top paid QB's in the NFL. He should be better than he is. Free is getting better and might return to where he was before he got the big contract. EVERYONE ELSE IS HORRIBLE. Wait for cuts next week and start hand picking the best of everybody else worst guys. That will still be better than what we have, and that's a DANG SHAME!!!!
  10. blackbull

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    I'd hold off on judging Tyron until week 1.
  11. DC Cowboy

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    I'm sorry maybe I am just getting old but can someone tell me how many sacks T. Smith gave up last year?
  12. CalCBFan

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    I could not agree more. They completely outplayed us from start to finish. I'm writing this season off right now, because somewhere along the line, somebody is going to get hurt. The middle of our field has been wide open for 5-7 years now, and I'm beginning to think Claiiborne is going to be more like Goodrich than Deion.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anything from this team since Wade's 1st season...
  13. Staubacher

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    See ya next year. Oh, when you decide to rejoin the party later this season as we win the division please byob we'll be running low by then
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  14. IrishAnto

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    See ya next year then.
  15. rwalters31

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    The GOOD, I like where your head is on analysis. The BAD, that you are right about everything you said. The UGLY, the upcoming Cowboys season. Of course the last thing that came out of Pandora's box was HOPE. Sounds like another Cowboys season to me.
  16. Ken

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    A few comments on some of these players from my perspective:

    McSurdy- I agree, this guy is just too slow and doesn't seem to have the great instincts that he was touted to have. He better not make the team.
    Lawrence- Couldn't disagree more, this kid jumped off the screen for me. Definitely showed good instincts and was blasting people. I like him, he should make this team.
    Heath- I agree, he didn't make the 53 but probably a PS member.
    Armstrong- I disagree, he had his hands on a lot of balls that would have been caught if the defender didn't break it up. I think he makes the team because he is an outside Wr with speed who 'could' play the slot.
    Lissemore- I didn't see what you saw...i saw him getting destroyed in the run game and only really started to play better late in the 2nd quarter and 3rd. I am disappointed in him as i had thought he was someone with upside.
    Wilbur- I think this guy gets cut...brings nothing to the table.
    Parnell- I think we have something with him. He is nasty and was blowing the other scrubs up in the run game, which is what you want to see. I agree, the rest of them are scrubs (except Costa).
    Arkin- More of the same, getting pushed back...disappointing.
    Randle- agree with your analysis completely.
    Tanney- I think he played himself onto the PS.
    Wilcox- I know some people are down on him, i'm not, I like him and he is going to be a player.
    BW- I thought his coverage was great and should have had another pick if the wr didn't do a good job defending. Got beat for a TD but was stride for stride and it was a perfect pass.
    Bass- I think he is going to contribute big time to this team this year.
    Holloman- Still like this kid a bunch, he is going to be starting before too long.

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