Bubble players and 53 man roster projection

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Thought it was interesting today to read about Lissemore gaining weight only to find out he needs to drop it for this scheme. Think he said he's back down to 298 now. I also think from what I've read, he's had some trouble transitioning from what he was expected to do in the 3-4 to what he's expected to do in the 4-3. That makes sense to me because one of Lissemore's strengths when we got him in the draft was his quickness and we haven't really seen it from him this preseason. Maybe with his weight lowered and more time in this 4-3, he'll get back to playing the way we've seen him play in the past.
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    The guy hurt himself just running down the field. If he doesnt get cut it only because they dont want throw in the towel on a 4th rounder in a years time. I dont think the guy can stay healthy.
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    Players on bubble to watch are Cohen, Lawrence, and Heath. Interesting that right now no UDFAs projected to make it.
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    Lissemore has had recurring ankle problems. I don't know if it's the same ankle or both ankles, but "ankle injury" has been reported on him at least 3 times in the past couple of years. I wonder if that is slowing him down. It could also be just the scheme or he might have bulked up too much.
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    Only disagree about the specifics of the final spots and about George Selvie.
    I think Selvie is already on the team. He is the best SDE back up imho.

    I also think we cut the 6th WR, 3rd QB and 5th safety.

    The 7th LB to me is simply a special teams guy. Maybe McSurly.
    So I do believe we keep a 4th TE as that position accounts for two players on the field virtually every down.
    Believe injuries mandate 10 OL and 4 RB.
    We keep 9 DL because we like our young, CHEAP DL: See Bass, Hayden, Selvie, Lissemore.
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    McCray makes the team

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    Heath may take his spot with tonight's performance.
  8. Biggems

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    Where is Pellerin on your list?
  9. reddyuta

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    Mccray is a terrible safety,i wont cry if this happens.
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    I haven't seen the game yet, but Broaddus was raving about Killa's blocking tonight on Sirius play after play in the game. If that is any indication Killa makes the roster with his position flex I think Livings or Arkin may go before Killa. Just a hunch.
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    Great OP, my predictions would mostly be along those lines as well –

    QB: Bubble: Tanney

    I hope Tanney goes to the Practice Squad but I think this is the player I’m most likely to be wrong about. There are so few good QBs in the NFL that a guy that shows “something” might be kept on the team just for that.

    RB:Bubble: Tanner

    Agree, they keep four RB’s. Last year the team tanked with Murray out and they remember it.

    WR: Bubble: Beasley and Armstong

    Beasley is kept, Coale on IR and Armstrong cut.

    TE: Bubble: Rosario

    They keep four TE’s, its four players for two starting positions. Escobar is basically a project that will get some Red Zone time so Rosario stays.

    OL: Bubble: Livings, Kowalski, Bell, Dominguez, Coughman, Weems

    Livings goes on the 8 game IR, Kowalski and Arkin make the roster.

    DL: Bubble: Selvie, Lissemore, Cohen

    All three make the team, with Jaris Pendleton making the practice squad.

    LB: Bubble: Magee, McSurdy

    McSurdy makes the team, Magee and Taylor Reed make the practice squad

    CB: Bubble: None.


    Safety: Bubble: Johnson, McCray, Frampton, Hamilton, Heath

    Johnson to the IR and in another shocker, McCray and Heath both make the team.
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    Who else would rather keep Armstrong than Harris? Harris wasn't much of a receiver last year. He made a few big receiving plays and was one of the most effective punt returners in the league. His punt returning has sucked this preseason. To me, he's nothing more than a punt returner. He's the 5th or 6th best receiver behind Dez, Miles, Williams, Beasley, and Armstrong, and that's not including the TEs.
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    Harris has caught quite a few passes this preseason. He shows up in real games on punt returns. He makes the team easily
  14. EPL0c0

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    Backup MLB. There may be options after cuts, but Thomas HOward is still out there. I'd rather they go w/ youth and develop. Maybe not a strict MLB, but he could be an option.
  15. jterrell

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    in reality we have sean lee then bruce carter at mlb. so we probably only need special teamers after that.
    we have some depth at lb after this draft.

    safety and og concern me but honestly we arent bad anywhere else.
    doesnt mean we are great anywhere else but those two positions we'd grade less than nfl average at.
  16. CowboyStar88

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    I'm not keeping Beasley over Harris not a chance! Nor would I keep Armstrong over Harris. Harris can play inside outside and special teams he offers more versatility then Beasley. Crazy how some will want to get rid of a player who made plays for this team last year both as a WR and a returner.
  17. CowboyStar88

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    I would like to keep Andre Smith the TE as the 4th TE. He is a big dude and he can catch I think he has more upside then DR and he is younger. I actually really like this kid. I know we haven't been able to see much of him in games but I think Witten Escobar Hanna and Smith would be the ones I would keep. Smith gives you that big blocking TE and he can catch.
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    Our special teams as a whole has been bad so far. Hard to put it just on one person. His returns haven't been good, but neither have his blockers. I think Deion would have had a hard time with this supporting cast.
  19. CowboyStar88

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    Also another thing about Harris the kid is a fighter he doesn't give up and quit on his team. He as worked his butt off to polish and master his WR skills and routes. This coming from a guy who didn't care for him as a rookie. But to say he made some plays as a WR last year is an understatement he was a factor once he started splitting snaps with Otree. Harris is going to be a big part of the offense this year and a one of the top 3 next year with Dez and Williams. Not a chance I get rid of Harris he is a mini Dez and once he takes over the slot next year you will see how dynamic this kid really is. He is what Kmart was to the 90's Cowboys and he's not a quitter!
  20. Pessimist_cowboy

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    boy this is tough ill give it a shot.



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