Buccaneers| Team interested in Fabini and Ashworth

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by demdcowboys#1, Mar 12, 2006.

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    Buccaneers | Team may offer Ashworth a contract
    Sun, 12 Mar 2006 15:18:44 -0800
    Jim Flynn, of PewterReport.com, reports free agent OL Tom Ashworth (Patriots) completed his visit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, March 12. Agent Tom Mills told PewterReport.com that he expects Bucs general manager Bruce Allen to extend a deal to his client as early as Sunday evening, March 12.

    Buccaneers | Team interested in Fabini; may schedule a visit
    Sun, 12 Mar 2006 15:17:15 -0800
    Jim Flynn, of PewterReport.com, reports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have some interest in free agent OT Jason Fabini (Jets) and they may schedule a visit with him.


    Dolphins | Team to start visit with Ashworth
    Sun, 12 Mar 2006 15:20:49 -0800
    Jim Flynn, of PewterReport.com, reports free agent OL Tom Ashworth (Patriots) will visit with the Miami Dolphins starting Sunday, March 12.

    IMO these are 2 guys that we should seriously try to get. We are already interested in Fabini and he might get signed by a different team, Ashworth is young and could be a good addition at RT, but BP and JJ seem to be doing nothing to pursue guys that can help the team.:bang2: We might want to get at it before 2 more OT's are off the market!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    To hell with Fabini & Ashworth. They're mediocre at best. Neither represent the long-term solution, nor do either represent a considerable upgrade. I want Jon Runyan. He's still one of the best right tackles in the league, is big, strong, physical, mean and plays the kind of smashmouth football required in the NFC East.

    He'd be perfect for the next 2-3 years while Pettiti studies and gets in better NFL shape.

    Sign 'im, Jerr-o!


    Peace and Love

    - PoetTree -
  3. demdcowboys#1

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    Jon Runyan would be a good pickup IMO, he is a solid hard nosed player, he is 31 yrs old, and could be here for 3-4 years. That would be a great pickup.
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    Got to remember Fabini was in Dallas, had a physical, etc, and the cowboys didnt sign him. Either Fabini wanted more money than what cowboys were willing to pay, or Fabini's injury, his chest pectoral injury isnt quite healed yet. Something had to happen for him to walk out of Dallas without Cowboys signing him.
    Next, reports are that we are still looking at or want to look at Steve Neal, OG from the Patriots. Thats another guard, what happened to Jerry Jones saying they wanted maturity at offensive linemen, not go through another rookie at OT like Petti did. Maybe they see an OT from the draft, like a TE too, that they are going to draft in the 1st or 2nd round-llike McNeil from Auburn 6-7, 332 with 5.04 in 40 or Winston from Miami 6-6, 295 4.94 in 40, was at one time, 2 years ago if he came out in draft reportedly would have been first player taken in draft. Another OT that maybe overlooked is Andre Whitworth from LSU, got to remember, the cowboys looked at tapes of Marcus Spears from LSU, so I am sure they saw Whitworth, another OT maybe dropping late in 1st round or 2nd is Jon Scott, and dont forget Winston Justice, but he should go in 1st round anywhere from 15th pick to 25th pick.

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