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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by montgod, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Buchanon asks for trade from Raiders

    NFL.com wire reports

    ALAMEDA, Calif. (Dec. 29, 2004) -- Cornerback Phillip Buchanon is so frustrated with the way the Oakland Raiders are operating that he wants to be traded.

    Buchanon, the Raiders' first-round draft pick in 2002 out of Miami, said he spoke with team personnel chief Michael Lombardi to express his desire to go elsewhere.

    "The way I am feeling about the Raiders, I am not happy," Buchanon said. "I am just not happy with the organization right now. I am looking forward to a possible trade with somebody else."

    Both Lombardi and Buchanon's agent, Terry Williams, declined to comment after learning of Buchanon's statement, made four days before Oakland (5-10) ends another disappointing season at home Jan. 2 against Jacksonville.

    Coach Norv Turner said after practice Dec. 29 that he hadn't heard from Buchanon, who missed the Raiders' 31-30 loss at Kansas City on Dec. 25 with a bruised tailbone.

    "This is an emotional time," Turner said. "I think things like that are sometimes said, and you just deal with it. With every situation, you evaluate it and do what's best for our football team. He's a really good young player."

    If Buchanon leaves, there's a possibility the Raiders will lose both starting cornerbacks this offseason.

    Four-time Pro Bowler Charles Woodson, making nearly $9 million this season as Oakland's franchise player, could earn as much as $10.5 million next season if the Raiders kept the franchise tag on him -- an expensive move that seems unlikely, especially after his arrest last week for public intoxication.

    Woodson has said for months he wants to be the highest paid cornerback in the league, a distinction currently held by Champ Bailey of Denver. Bailey signed a seven-year, $63 million contract with the Broncos last offseason that includes an $18 million signing bonus and $5 million in other bonuses.

    Buchanon has 59 tackles -- 50 solo -- three interceptions, nine pass deflections and a fumble recovery this season, but has been consistently poor returning punts. Coach Norv Turner has stuck by him despite the struggles.

    Buchanon refers to himself as "Showtime," and arrived at training camp in 2003 as a second-year pro in a limousine and wearing a fancy pajama suit.

    "I mean there is a lot of stuff that goes on here and it ain't right," he said. "I am not feeling too good here. I am not happy with the organization. Things ain't good right now. I know that."
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    We are just gonna raid the Raiders roster this offseason, Hell lets go for Al Davis and bring back Norv Turner as well. :D
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    I'd like to wish a massive injury upon anyone who wants to become the "highest paid player" at their respective position.
  4. GTaylor

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    Buchanon refers to himself as "Showtime," and arrived at training camp in 2003 as a second-year pro in a limousine and wearing a fancy pajama suit.

    A fancy pajama suit??? *Snort*
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    One of the things I used to admire about Michael Jordan pre-adult fantasy baseball camp was that he never demanded to be the league's highest paid player and never was even though everyone knew he was the best out there.
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    We'll see just how badly he wants out when salaries are discussed.
  7. dbair1967

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    more accurate would be "toasttime"

    this is the same clown that got beat 30 yds downfield by a 260 lb FB for a TD

    he's been a major bust and one of the main reasons the Raiders defense has sucked the past few seasons

  8. Fletch

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    Phillip Buchanon is a little CB too. Hell, we'd be better off keeping Lance Frazier as our starter. At least Lance is scrappy and on the cheap.

    No thanks to "Showtime". :rolleyes:
  9. DipChit

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    So what you're saying is... when Turner refers to him as "a really good young player" it explains why Turner is a crappy HC. ;)
  10. dbair1967

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    maybe, although it sounds alot like coachspeak to me...or, probably Al-speak, since Al is pulling the puppet strings there with Norv

    I still cant believe Norv went there

  11. The30YardSlant

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    Al Davis doesnt know his left from his right anymore, he shouldnt even be allowed to drive anymore let alone run a football team.
  12. Irving Cowboy

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm going to have to use that one... on my wife!!! LOL
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    No offense but Woodson isn't nearly as good as Bailey.
  14. zagnut

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    Gee, Buchanon acting flaky and selfish. Who woulda thought?
  15. DoomsDayD

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    Yesn EXACTLY!!! Lets see how bad he feels about playing for oakland when they throw a couple of extra mil his way. I know that would make me feel better that is for sure.
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    do we need to sign or draft a corner? Or do we go with Hunter as starter upon his return, with the Lance Fraziers, Bruce Thorton's and Nate Joneses of the world backing him up?

    The assumptions here are that Hunter is healthy, and when healthy, can produce. Also, that a second season will be a stepping up (or improvement)season for Lance Frazier. Also, that Bruce Thorton is healthy, and can produce (which there's no indication of thus far).

    Part of the question is this, really:

    Has anyone not named Hunter shown enough in extended PT this season to warrant a shot at the starting spot next season? Like Frazier? If you have a healthy Hunter and Frazier, is that enough?

    Or, do we need to have insurance in the form of another player, draft or FA. And if it's the draft, is this high priority? Or low?
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    And considering Woodson hasn't really played that great.

    And for that matter neither has Bailey.

    But the rules enforcement could have something to do with that.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    You know that's a very, very good question and one that we'll all have to sit back and take a notice too.

    Personally I think we're in worse shape at safety than we are at corner. You put a safety in there that can cover and our pass defense gets a whole lot better really quick.

    And for that matter, I think we need two safeties brought in. A starter and a better reserve than what we've got.
  19. joseephuss

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    Buchanan is a spectacular punt returner. Although I doubt Dallas would use him in that role if they brought him in.

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