Buck Harvey: Moons apart? If the Texas QBs had switched

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    Buck Harvey: Moons apart? If the Texas QBs had switched
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    San Antonio Express-News

    Troy Aikman and Warren Moon were together for a rare moment Saturday. Opposites for their careers — joined only by the same agent — they entered the Hall of Fame as equals. Both deserve their honor, but perhaps not their legacies. Aikman is forever known as a winner, Moon as a numerical freak. But what would have happened if they had switched Texas cities in the 1990s?

    Then, would either have become what they are known for today?

    As it is, one of their busts should face north in Canton, the other south. Aikman was drafted No. 1 overall, Moon wasn't drafted. Aikman played for one pro team his entire career, Moon for five. Aikman's best moment came against Buffalo, Moon his worst.

    Their final days in Texas were as dissimilar. Whereas the Cowboys wanted to extend Aikman's football lifespan past the next concussion, the Oilers discarded the man who had taken them to seven-straight postseasons, trading Moon for a couple of mid-level draft picks.

    The salary cap was an issue, as was Moon's age. But would the Cowboys have ever dumped Aikman for those reasons?

    Jack Pardee, Moon's coach at the time, said years later he didn't know why Moon was traded or who orchestrated it. Former Oiler Sean Jones was harsher.

    "That organization," Jones said of the Oilers, "didn't deserve a player like Warren."

    The Oilers went from 12-4 with Moon to 2-14 without him, and with that the city of Houston had little incentive to compromise with Bud Adams' stadium needs. Two seasons after Moon left, the Oilers did.

    Moon did better as an ex-Oiler. He put together two 4,000-yard passing seasons in Minnesota, leading the Vikings offense to team records in points and total yards in 1995, and he played a total of five more seasons after Houston.

    Living a more stable life, basking in the competence of the '90s Cowboys, Aikman loved the Jimmy Johnson focus and the power of his teammates. Aikman bowed Saturday to those who made him what he was.

    Aikman handed off to the NFL's all-time rushing leader. Aikman could throw for 200 yards and still control the game with balance. Moon? He had to endure Jerry Glanville, among others, as well as an offense that never proved reliable.

    Moon never threw to a Hall of Fame receiver. Aikman did, assuming voters someday look past Michael Irvin's past.

    Aikman said Saturday he played behind one of the game's best offensive lines, and Moon, too, had several quality linemen. But, again, the run-and-shoot skewed even that. In Moon's final game as an Oiler, at home against the Chiefs in the playoffs, he was sacked nine times.

    So if the two had traded places, Aikman is likely the one who would have suffered. His numbers would have risen; his accuracy would have worked in the run-and-shoot, too. But Aikman could get frustrated, and he did in his final Super Bowl run.

    Then, bothered by the lack of detail under Barry Switzer, Aikman gnashed his teeth on the way to his third title. Had he been in Houston, with Buddy Ryan slugging the offensive coordinator on the sidelines, Aikman would have developed a facial tic.

    There are no guarantees Moon would have won in Dallas. Moon threw a beautiful spiral, but not the Aikman fastball. His stats would have dropped in Dallas. And then there's the natural question of a quarterback who never went far in playoffs.

    Did Moon sometimes buckle under pressure?

    The details suggest he didn't. The Oilers lost a playoff game in Denver in 1992, for example, and most remember a John Elway comeback. Most forget Moon went 27 of 36 for 325 yards and three touchdowns.

    The Buffalo fiasco came the next year, but was Moon to blame? He completed 36 of 50 passes for 371 yards and four first-half touchdowns.

    Then there's that last game against Kansas City. The quarterback who beat Moon that day was Joe Montana.

    Moon doesn't have to prove anything any more. Everything worked out for him, just as everything worked out for Aikman. They made their mark in their own ways and their own places, and that brought them to Saturday.

    Then Aikman talked of his time in Dallas, his voice sometimes cracking. And as he walked off the podium, Aikman shook hands with the first person to greet him.

    There, in the same place at last, stood Moon.
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    A can of worms is opened with Moon being inducted into the PRO FOOTBALL HOF. I guess it's time to go back and start inducting all the Canadian Football players who won many titles and put up great stats. I guess Flutie will be inducted in a few years, right?
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    Why don't they mention Moon with Minnesota in 1994 with Cris Carter, Robert smith, and Jake Reed, and they lost at home in the Wild Card game to the Steve Walsh-led Chicago Bears team. They just didn't lose. They were dominated 35-18.
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    Sorry,I don't get your point.

    Flutie never put up great numbers in the NFL, Moon did.

    Moon played longer in the NFL than he did in the CFL.
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    First, I think trying to argue hypotheticals (what if Moon were a Cowboy, what if Aikman were an Oiler) is ridiculous.

    Second, Moon belongs in the Hall of Fame because of what he did in the NFL.

    Third, I'm sorry. I like Warren Moon and all, but if there's one person on the field who should cause a team to focus and complete its mission of winning a game after being up 35-3 in a playoff game, it's the quarterback. You score one more TD, the game is OVER. Moon should have been in his linemen's ears, in his receivers' ears, in his running backs' ears. You don't let a team come back down 31 points to win the game. Forget the defense. The Oilers defense wasn't that good anyway. You make one more score you win. You tell your guys that. You hammer it in their brains until they get sick of hearing it.
    I doubt Aikman would have let that happen. Of course, that's hypothetical but that's the way I feel.

    (P.S., don't even try to read any subtle racism regarding black quarterbacks and white quarterbacks as leaders in my post because I'm black. I just think Aikman's demeanor and threshhold for tolerating less than the best from his colleagues was a bit more intense and higher than Moon's. And I feel the same way with respect to Aikman over Young. I don't think Young was as great a leader of a team as Aikman was. It ate Aikman up to lose moreso than any other QB in his era, IMO.)
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    Probably because he was darn near 40 years old by then.
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    Lol. Really.

    What is this dude talking about?
    Moon didn't even come to the league til he was almost 30...
    and he went to 9 straight pro bowls.

    He's comparing him to Flutie?
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    Man... we lost in the playoffs 20-7 to the Arizona Cardinals on our own field.
    Nuff Sed.
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    These two are my favorite QB's of their era, granted I'm from Texas and am naturally biased but the accuracy and arm strength that these guys displayed was remarkable. The funny thing is I didn't realize how good they were then, now after seeing how rare talent like that really is, more especially when you look at the talent pool in todays NFL in comparison, I appreciate those times all the more.
    As for hypothetical swithes I'm sure Moon would have been successful running the Boys in the 90's, and vice versa.
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    Moon was a good quarterback, but lets drop the comparison of any quarterback could be successful, in the Cowboy's of 90's.

    Remember Norv Turner reminded those that may forgot Troy was at his best when IT MATTERED!

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    Take that tired stuff out of here. Nuff sed.
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    I don't think we were leading in that game were we? And if we were, it was early in the game.

    Second, most Cowboys fans with clear vision realized that the Cowboys weren't very good then, existing off the fumes of the glory days.

    Sorry, it aint the same. Being up 35-3 at half-time and then tanking the game?

    There aint no excuse for that and no comparison.
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    That's what I thought! LOL
    If it was tired... you probably wouldn't be getting all upset.

    lol..nah -we were never leading because we couldn't score on the vaunted Cards defense.

    Hence my remark about Aikman never carrying a team on his back.
    That team was probably more comparable with the teams Marino and Moon spent nearly their entire careers playing with.

    Nah not quite the same.
    But getting shut down on your homefield by the Cardinals is darned close.
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    YEah, YEah.

    If my aunt had nads she'd been my Uncle.

    What's the point? :confused:

    I hate stupid articles.

    (I'm referring to Buck Harvey, not you Crazy!) Though I am thrilled to know I can get High Speed internet for 12.99!
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    But weren't the Cardinals a playoff team? :confused:

    That Cardinals team was simply better than ours.

    But were the Bills better than the Oilers because they came back from 31 points down or did the Oilers choke?

    I don't know the answer though I suspect the later.

    Nevertheless, I think it's different when you get beat outright (as the Cowboys did against the Cardinals) than if you're on your way to victory and let a team get back in the game and win it after that team spotted you 31 points).

    Getting beat at home happens often in the playoffs. (see Tampa vs. Washington, Carolina vs. NY Giants, Carolina vs. Chicago, Pitts vs. Cincy, Pitts vs. Indy, Pitts vs. Denver)

    Getting beat after leading by 31 points in the third quarter, well, that's virtually unheard of.
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    Moon, like Fouts, was stuck on a team with no defense. The playoff debaccle in Buffalo was Exhibit A.

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