Buddy Jewell Gets Father's Day Surprise: Cowboys mention...

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    Buddy Jewell Gets Father's Day Surprise
    Jewell gets Father's Day surprise at CMA Music Fest.
    By Neil Haislop

    - Buddy Jewell was greeted at the convention center like visiting royalty by a hoard of fans. Then he was treated like father of the year by his family.

    It was such a well-kept secret that nobody knew, including Buddy Jewell's children. Wife Tene had been plotting for months to surprise her husband with the gift he's always wanted -- a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    So, while Buddy sound-checked for his fan club party at Rockettown on Saturday, everyone else was scurrying around, making preparations for the big unveiling.

    After Buddy departed to his bus, over 200 fan club members arrived and situated themselves in front of the hog to obscure it from Buddy's view. Tene sat on the Harley Road King and waited for Buddy's arrival.

    Finally he was escorted into the room, the fans parted and a shocked Buddy gazed upon the silver motorcycle, specifically picked because of it's Dallas Cowboys colors.

    Buddy quipped "I guess I don't have to wait til I'm 60!" Apparently Tene had resisted Buddy's wishes to own a Harley for years, but had finally acquiesced. He then said to his excited children, "Kids, it's time to move your bikes out of the garage."​
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    Now that's a good wife.

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