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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Double Trouble, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Morning gentlemen.

    It's not enough for McGahee to play well for that gamble to pay off. It will only pay off if either: 1. they find a way to get enough touches for both he and Henry (highly doubtful, since most teams can only use one stud RB at a time); or 2. they find a way to trade Henry for something better than the first round pick they used to take McGahee.
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    He's had mutiple ACL operations. And they say he's not 100%, his agent was more than a year off on that one!
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    Henry is in the last year of his contract, correct? If so, the only way they can trade him is if they franchise him (doubtful, as it would tie up a lot of cap money) or if they move him this season (doubtful once again, as they would be risking everything on McGahee and how much is a team going to give up for a RB in midseason).

    Odds are Henry walks after the season to sign a big money deal with some team like the Chargers.
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    I can see him signing a big money deal w/maybe the Dolphins, not the Chargers if they just made LT the highest paid running back..

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