Buffalo/Miami Shows Us What Life Is Without Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon1722, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. DandyDon1722

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    When you watch these teams and their QB play how can you ever rationalize getting rid of Romo right now. For those 7 or 8 posters on here who flat out hate him (that's all there really is) this is what you are going to get if you get rid of Romo unless you get a Luck or RG III and let's face it, we are never going to be THAT bad in the next five years.

    Ryan Tannehill - a rookie who shows a lot of promise. He's got the size and the pedigree and the arm but he makes rookie mistakes and is not half the athlete Romo is. He could be good to great someday or he could be a guy who never materializes into a great QB. He's got a ways to go and there are no guarantees. Do you really want to wait two or three more years to find out because if you do say goodbye to Ware and Witten, Ratliff, and a big core of this team.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick - a classic middle of the road QB. He can have big games but is a statue in the pocket. In fact when I watch him move around it actually shocks me how much more of an athlete Romo is. He is tentative in his throws and still makes bad decisions. The thing is he doesn't have the star power or ability to make up for those throws and has to trudge his way through and hope his defense and special teams pull it out like they did tonight. But here's the thing, the Buffalo Bills are an NFL team who are all in on him because they believe this guy can win and face it, they have no other options -- see also the Chiefs, Vikings, Cardinals, Jets, etc.

    That's exactly where we were with the revolving door before Romo.

    I'll take the rollercoaster thrill a minute Romo ride who gives us at least a chance to win a Super Bowl and enjoy every excruciating, brilliant, sometimes brutal second of it until he can no longer play before I ever get on the rookie or average Joe ferris wheel and scream from boredom with no hope.

    When we have to start over, we start over and I'll be onboard, but not before.

    Not ever.
  2. The Natural

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    Buffalo/Miami showed us what life is like without Romo, Dez, Austin, and Witten. Neither of those teams have particularly good receivers, which is as glaring an issue for them as QB. Reggie Bush was probably the best WR on the field tonight, and he's not even a WR.
  3. muck4doo

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    And he wasn't used much
  4. T-RO

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    Great post, DandyDon. We are very lucky to have Tony. I'd say...as bleak as things have been...He gives us a chance to go all the way this year.

    Not likely with all our injuries and holes. But if the D can continue and Tony could find something with Cole or with another receiver...then we get Murray and Costa back...

    This thing could still turn magical.
  5. Ren

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    Not if we keep Romo no, we'll be stuck in 8-8 limbo until he retires, so if mediocrity is where we've placed the bar we should be in good hands for the forseable future
  6. whynot

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    1/8 :rolleyes:
  7. Apollo Creed

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    You know nothing about the game of football of you think Romo has been this team's problem over the last 6 years.
  8. Ren

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    Classic cult of Romo omg you dont know teh gamez!!!11one! generic reply

    Romo isn't as great as his cult wants to make him out to be but that has nothing to do with it.

    If we're a 4-12/5-11 type team without him and we're 8-8 with him then his presnece here does more harm then good in the long run. He makes us just good enough not to have any shot at those top college QBs comming out.
    If you enjoy mediocrity then resigning your ageing QB should be high on your wishlist
  9. whynot

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    All problem, no solution.

    Who would you sign to fix it in the next 5 years?
  10. landroverking

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    I understand fully where you are coming from. I still think that are big three Romo Witten & Ware have too much left in the tank to blow up the team.
  11. Eddie

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    Romo's not the problem. I agree that we're probably an 8-8 team with him, and 4-12 without him.

    Shore up the OL, get a solid Center, a starting caliber OG, and a real RB ... and we're probably 10-6 to 12-4 ... with Romo. Take away Romo from the equation, and we're still probably 5-11.

    Romo's value is exponential compared to the talent around him.

    He's not the issue. We're lucky to have him.

    Would you rather go back to spending a 2nd rounder on Quincy Carter, a third rounder on Drew Hensen, or trotting out Hutchinson, Testaverde, and Bleedslow?
  12. Ren

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    More generic CBZ replies

    My solution, not that it matters, is pretty damn clear from the 2 posts you have quoted so far.
  13. Ren

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    That's exactly what our future holds if we cling to Romo for to long, he's getting old, he is not the future and you're not going to be able to build a team around him and his declining skills good enough to compete for a SB in the time he has left.

    So while we waste our time trying to get those 1-2 players that Jerry tells us puts us over the top, the reality is that all we're doing is getting 1-2 players that might make up for the decline in our top players and keeps us right where we are now 8-8
  14. LittleD

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    He's not the problem, but he's not the solution either!!! He's one of two or three who have trade value on this team. He's 32 and with this offensive line is due to get killed. Until we decide to use draft picks to pick up offensive linemen, this team is gonna be 7&9 to 8&8 forever... We need to get an offensive line and then run the ball to control games. Even if we did make the playoffs at 9&7, who thinks we can compete with the big boys... NADA. It's time to get what we can for those over 30 and start over with a new blueprint. We have a pretty good backup QB who could carry us for 3 years until we could restructure the team to be able to complete at a higher level. We need lots of top 10 draft picks cause we sure can't draft that well. No offensive & defensive lines spells middle of the road forever...
  15. noshame

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    You know nothing about football if you think we could not do better than Romo. Let's measure Romo against Troy and Roger instead of the scrubs on tv last night. Amazing.:lmao2:
  16. DMAC

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    If you think Romo could LEAD any team to greatness, then you know nothing about the position of QB, nor football in general.

    If we had a great team around Romo, and greaat coaching, then Romo could STEER us to a SB. However, as many have noted throughtout the years, he is not mentally capable of LEADING us anywhere.
  17. whynot

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    I don't get it. Why are you picking on Romo? Surely it's easier to find a quality starting TE or OLB, so why not ditch Witten or Ware?

    We're sub-par without those "declining" guys too, in fact apparently Witten is a proven progress stopper if you look at Bennett's improvement at NY.

    This thread started as a comparison to the Bills and Dolphins, teams that have had any number of high draft picks over the last few years, and look where thats gotten them, particularly at QB. They're much further from being contenders than the Cowboys.

    The draft is a crapshoot, no matter how you look at it. Why not give players who have proven themselves every chance to succeed?

    You accuse others of accepting mediocrity, but it seems to me you're actively courting it.
  18. Denim Chicken

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    So we get a rookie QB and throw him behind this line? I say extend Romo three/four years, spend picks on OL, DL, and in year two a promising QB. Let him sit behind Romo and when we’re ready to make the switch we have decent lines and a young QB familiar with the offence.
  19. noshame

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    You must have missed Troy's rookie year, that line makes this one look like an all-pro group. A QB who can get a accurate throw out early, can do well with this line, not to mention create room for the running game.
  20. Rack Bauer

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    If we had recievers that could get open early I'm sure Romo would get the ball out early.

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