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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Bunting has DeCastro at 4 and Konz at 6.

    01 Andrew Luck QB 6-4 235 Stanford 9.0
    02 Morris Claiborne CB 6-0 185 Louisiana State 8.5 J
    03 Trent Richardson RB 5-11 224 Alabama 8.5
    04 David DeCastro OG 6-5 310 Stanford 8.5
    05 Dre Kirkpatrick SS 6-3 192 Alabama 8.0 J
    06 Peter Konz C 6-5 315 Wisconsin 8.0 J
    07 Matt Kalil OT 6-7 295 Southern California 8.0 B J
    08 Robert Griffin III QB 6-2 220 Baylor 7.5 J

  2. supercowboy8

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    I have never big a big fan of Buntings, and with him having RG3 falling is just an example of that reason. After the year he had and that bowl game, why would he be falling.

    Devon Still at 9 you have to be joking me, the guy is off and on way to much to be that high.

    Kendell Wright one behind Blackmon sorry but they aren't that close together.

    Barron at 13 is a joke, the guy is way over rated, he is a zone in the box SS and can only play in a tampa 2 defense.

    Amini Silatolu in the top 25, wow.
  3. Picksix

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    Well, the teams he'll be playing in the NFL actually play some defense. The Big 12 is awful defensively, and I live in Seattle, and there is very little NFL talent on that defense.

    That said, he should easily be a top pick, but there's nothing wrong with being critical, as long as it's justified. I love RG3 based on what I saw this year, but maybe there are some fundamental flaws that could hurt him in the pros. Or maybe he just decided there were other guys he liked better. Nobody's perfect, but he was the one pimping Tyron Smith before anyone else.
  4. silverbear

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    Well, the Longhorns had one of the nation's top defenses, and Baylor lit them up pretty good...
  5. cobra

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    Falling? He's #8. That seems high to me. The people who have been calling RG3 on par with Luck are the ones who are smoking crack.

    RG3 is not being drafted to play a gimmick spread offense in the Big 12. He'll be drafting to run an NFL offense in the NFL--something that we have no evidence to show he will be successful.

    RG3's negatives:
    • Too small/slight
    • No experience in calling own plays
    • No experience in pro style offense
    • Very little experience under center
    • Too willing to run when first options are not there
    His positives:
    • Elite athleticism
    • Productive
    • Can run
    • Has all the arm you need
    • Good kid
    The NFL is and always has been a pocket passer league. Brees, Brady and Rogers is what the NFL wants. Sure, the Cam Newtons and Tebows make things interesting, but that is not what wins championships. It's the pocket passers.

    RG3 will have highlight games and make crazy plays, but he is too slight to keep it up and will be broken in this league. And he will break hearts too teasing fans with potential.
  6. supercowboy8

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    Bunting has a arrow pointing down next to his name meaning he fell. I don't know what he could have done to make him fall.

    I'm just not a fan of Bunting, what has he ever done to warrant so much praise. He took a online coarse any of us can take for $1700 and get alittle paper. Then he started a web site which anyone can do. Has he ever worked for a team as a scout.
  7. cobra

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    I don't know Bunting or anything about him. All I know is that his assessment of Griffin is not underrating him.
  8. unionjack8

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    its not about his stock falling, maybe he just finished analysing a player that got slotted above him.
  9. CATCH17

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    RG3 has more upside than Luck. He's smart, mobile, accurate, and throws the ball downfield probably better than anyone in this draft.
  10. TheCount

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    He doesn't have RG3 falling exactly. Bunting does his ratings by rating a players ability to transition immediately, meaning most nfl ready (in his opinion). I used to be a little confused by his lists as well, but ever since I found that out, they make a bit more sense. It doesn't mean he thinks RG3 is a bad player, he just thinks his transition may be a bit tougher than the prospects above him.
  11. supercowboy8

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    no understand that but he did put him down the list, which is why the arrow pointing down next to RG3 name. TO me I don't see any of those guys above him warrent moving over RG3.
    Thats just IMO, which I disagree on what Bunting says on alot of players.
  12. TheCount

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    Understood. In the end, it's just a resource to get other views on players we may like. Frankly, I just hope RG3 stays out of the NFC East. I don't want to have to deal with Him, Vick and Eli year after year.
  13. GloryDaysRBack

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    more upside is questionable...his floor is significantly below lucks as well...luck processes information incredibly fast and is a much smarter QB..there really isnt even a debate here..Luck is hands down the better QB now and later
  14. Doomsday101

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    05 Dre Kirkpatrick SS 6-3 192 Alabama 8.0 J ?

    He is not a strong safety he is a CB
  15. cobra

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    False. Completely false.

    Maybe more upside in college gimmicky offenses. But in the NFL it is not even close. It is why Luck is indisputably, unquestionably the number 1 pick and no NFL GM doubts that. It is why Luck is accurately called the best prospect since Elway.

    The skills RG3 shows leads to a great college QB but those skills have never translated into Super Bowls. Pure pocket passers who excel in reading defenses in a pro style offense is what when Super Bowls. Seriously. Explain to me why RG3 is a better prospect than Andre Ware or Charlie Ward? Anything you can applaud RG3 about, those two were better at. Where are they now?

    I'm constantly amazed at people who can't understand that a dual threat QB who runs a gimmicky spread college offense never excels in the NFL.
  16. egn22

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    lol, i like reading bunting's reports. He's one of the only guys online who's information stays current. last year he was spot on with the Tyron Smith thing when even our local media swore Amukumara was a lock for us. I don't care if he took an online certification or what, you can't really knock the guy's hustle. he's watching tape, and providing a very good analysis for fans like us.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I was afraid of this. Silatolu is the guy I would like the Cowboys to look at in this draft. I was hoping he might be around in the 3rd but he may not me.
  18. burmafrd

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    hard to argue otherwise. RG3 is the flavor of the month that is all

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think that RG3 is a top 5 player in this upcoming draft, assuming he test well, but only because he is a QB and there are teams that need a QB that will be drafting high. If you go off talent alone, I think he probably about right where he deserves to be. Now, it is likely that underclassmen will declare and when that happens, he may slide a bit more. I don't know.
  20. cobra

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    (not arguing with you, but just riffing off this comment...)

    That may be true when all is said and done.

    I'd never argue with that contention. The issue I was addressing earlier (and I know you aren't the one who made it) was the statement that RG3 has a higher ceiling or is in on par with Luck or is 1a or any other similar statements we are seeing a lot of these days. Part of it is because he is the flavor of the month.

    But saying he is no where near as good as Luck does not preclude the fact that he might also be a top 5 player as you suggested.

    In other words, the talent gap could like this:

    1. Luck
    2. Kalil
    3. Claiborne
    4. Blackmon or Richardson
    5. RG3

    I don't know where the top 5 will end up. But I think we do know that Luck is an automatic, no questions asked #1 and there is a drop off after that.

    RG3's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness: his ability to run. There is a reason why the Super Bowl winners and best QBs are all pure pocket passers (e.g., Rogers, Brady, Brees, etc.) Because these guys are not great runners or standout athletes they have been trained and forced to know how to read a defense, move in the pocket and allow the play to develop to find the open WRs. Great athlete and dual threat QBs like RG3 never develop that skill because they are always thinking about running or are told to take off if the play isn't there. And no matter how much RG3 wants to become a pure pocket passer, he'll always be told by his coaches or fans or that nagging voice in the back of his head "if it is not there, take off!" He can have a great career being that. But he won't be among the best QBs and he won't be a SB winner. You have have a pure pocket passer QB to win at the SB level. It has to be someone who has the stones to hang in the pocket when the pressure is greatest and find the WR and when a QB is always thinking about taking off running, they will never get to that level.

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