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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Cowboys Nation: Let's begin at the top of the defensive line class. I have questions about Michael Brockers, Fletcher Cox, all these defensive linemen who are high or rising, as good defensive linemen do as draft's approach. Let's talk about Brockers. He's number one or number two on most lists, though the NFL Network folks rank him 3rd at his position.

    Several people have asked me to speak about his lack of statistical productivity. They're curious as to why he's held in such high regard, with such limited playing time. He's not putting up the highlight tapes that say, a Nick Fairley did last year.

    Wes Bunting: He ran a 5.3, which, most scouts don't care about. I know he had a decent 10 yard split. It wasn't elite, but he's 6'6''. He's 322 lbs. And was he a little awkward going through the bag drills? Yeah. But when you watch him on tape, he's flexible, he can bend, and he's a good football player.

    He's more football player than athlete, and when people see him in drills they're kind of turned off, but you have to remember, three years ago this was 6'6'' high school kid who was 255 lbs. playing linebacker. Now he's put on close to 70 lbs., he's got his hand down, he's playing defensive tackle, so he's working hard to be a better football player.

    When I watched him on tape, I was blown away at how well he anchored for a big guy. I saw natural explosion off the snap, some violence with his hands, good change of direction. Was he the most sudden guy? No. Did he get upright at times? Yes, but at the same time, he's played D-line for two years. The upside is there and I think he can be a really good player in the NFL.

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    Amazing how no one seems to be able to explain why they think Brockers is good. Bunting dances all around the question in this article without actually saying anything of substance.

    "Explain his bad workout."
    "He's more player than athlete."

    "Explain his lack of production."
    "He played a lot of good teams."

    "Lack of sacks or pressures?"
    "He played the run well."

    "Lack of tackles?"
    "Opposing players took a knee at the sight of him."

    I mean it's ridiculous. Before he comes to the combine we hear all about how great an athlete he is, then he doesn't show it at the combine. Now he's a "football player"? Gimmie a break.

    Now he's Tyron Smith? How? You just said he's not a good athlete!
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    Completely agree. The tape doesnt lie. He's not a standout. LSU has by far the best hype machine. I'd stay clear of him in the 1st round.
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    Yep but Cox played vs the same teams and produced. Cox is the only one I want at 14 if we go DE
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    Cox ran a good 40 but if you look at his other numbers (broad jump, vertical, short shuttle) he doesn't stand out nearly as much. His numbers actually look quite similar to Marcus Spears who ran a 4.98 but otherwise bested Cox.

    If you want a good athlete look at Clifton Geathers who had a 36 inch vertical and a 9-4 broad jump at 6-7 300 pounds.

    I'm not crazy about any front 7 player at #14 outside of Ingram and Coples and both are unlikely to still be on the board.

    Our best move is to trade down to the mid 20s.
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    you do not draft a guy in the first rd let alone the top half of the first rd just on potential. That way lies serious bust.
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    It happens all the time and they aren't all busts. JPP was drafted primarily on potential, same with Tyron Smith.

    There are certainly quite a few busts, but that can be said even when you draft based on collegiate production.

    My problem with the way these guys pump up Brockers is that they were all ready to fall back on "He's a heck of an athlete!" right up until the combine, now they are trying to turn his lack of production into some kind of plus because they can't pull the athlete card. Not only is he not athlethic but he didn't produce, somehow that's a plus?

    A lineman shows up at the combine nearly 20 lbs over his listed weight, proceeds to have a bad showing at the combine, and that's a good thing? Why on earth would a team list an (allegedly) elite DT BELOW his playing weight?
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    Ingram would be awesome IMO, but I don't think he will be there. Trading down 4-5 spots may be best, assuming we get the right offer.
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    Reminds me of MoneyBall where the old scouts say. "He has a baseball body", but that's all they could offer to why they wanted to draft some guy. :laugh2:

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