Bunting rumors post combine good stuff

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 6, 2011.

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    At first I thought Muhast was just comparing the scenarios. ( DHB/Crabtree with Julio/Green). If you said that you would have had a point.

    I don't know how you compare them as players though.
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    There's a lot of very good corner depth in this draft - too bad the safeties are hideous.
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    Not a Rob Ryan type of player. Rob likes his DBs to be able to hit and tackle, a definite weakness of Rahim Moore's.

    Rob Ryan also requires his safeties to be able to cover man to man, not a strength of Deunta Williams', even before his leg injury.

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    I think a few of those CBs will end up being safeties Avery. BTW, how are you?
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    But Heyward-Bey was never viewed as a top 15 pick before the combine.

    Jones was always viewed as a sure fire first round pick, and a top 15 pick by most people before he ran the incredible time.

    If you want to go back to the Maclin/Crabtree/Heyward-Bey year. The comparison to Jones being picked over Green would be if Maclin would have been picked over Crabtree.

    And the numbers that Heyward-Bey and Julio Jones put up in college are not even close to comparible. Last year, Julio Jones despite playing in a run heavy offense almost doubled the number of receptions, yards and TD's that Heyward-Bey put up at Maryland his final year.
    Jones - 78-1133-7
    DHB - 42-609-5
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    I'm not sure why people think Alabama doesn't pass alot just b/c they have two good backs. They ranked 27th in the country in passing, at 261 yards per game. And 29th in rushing.

    It was actually the opposite, Heyward-Bey was on the team that ran more than it passed. And outside of Julio's monster year, the numbers were pretty comparable.

    Heyward-Bey: Averaged 696.3 yards per season with 4.3 Tds per season
    Jones: Averaged 884 yards per season with 5 tds per season.

    Jones is much higher in yards per season with putting up that one monster year, before that year their numbers averaged were almost identical.
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    You consider almost 700 yard per year "almost identical" to 900 yards per year?

    Also, if we "ignore" monster season's for prospects final year in college then Nick Farley, Da'Quan Bowers, Marcell Dareus are not worthy of being top picks either....

    The fact is that besides the fact that even discounting Julio Jones's huge year, Jones has AVERAGED almost 200 yards more per season than Heyward Bey ever did, and also also was able to do something else that Heyward Bey was never able to do, and that is to have a monster year.

    And once again, even besides the stats issue. What makes comparing Jones to Heyward Bey ridiculous, is that Julio Jones was viewed as a sure fire first round DP, and likely top 15 pick BEFORE the combine. Unlike Heyward Bey who was not viewed as a sure fire first round pick before the combine. And even after the combine was only projected that he would go to one team the Oakland Raiders as a high draft pick, because of Al Davis's love for speed.
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    Actually, I recall whol elot of people saying Dez was a bad guy for various reasons.

    Smith does seem like a bit of an egomaniac, but my gut feel is that he will be better than Prince at the next level. Could be wrong, but that is my take right now. So in other words, I would not burn the overall #9 pick on Amakumara
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    Lol, what? They were "almost identical?"

    2006: 45 rec. 694 yards 5 TDs
    2007: 51 rec. 786 yards 3 TDs
    2008: 42 rec. 609 yards 5 TDs

    Totals: 138 rec. 2089 yards

    Julio Jones-
    2008: 58 rec. 924 yards 4 TDs
    2009: 43 rec. 596 yards 4 TDs
    2010: 78 rec. 1133 yards 7 TDs

    Totals: 179 rec. 2653 yards

    Their production is nowhere near the same with the exception of TDs. Jones in three seasons has what amounts to be another full season of production (an extra 41 rec. & 564 yards) in comparison to DHB. Think about that. It's as if Jones played an additional season.

    You're really grasping at this point. It was a poor comparison to begin with. No shame in just saying you think A.J. Green is the better receiver and be done with it.
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    :laugh2: Wow. No doubt!

    It seemed like the last two years, every time I watched Bama that guy seemed like a man among boys. They were not the same type of player at all in college.
  11. realtick

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    What's funny is in the year DHB was taken, most projected him being taken at the end of round 1 to a team like the Ravens.

    Only because of the freak show that is Al Davis and the Raiders, was DHB taken so incredibly high.

    If Julio Jones goes Top 10 this draft, I don't think many people would blink twice about it.

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