Burglary suspect leaves his prison ID at scene

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    Associated Press

    BETTENDORF, Iowa — A burglary suspect was arrested after he left behind a Corrections Department identification card he used to jimmy a lock, authorities said.

    Officers said they arrested Robert Alan Fry of Rock Island, Ill., after investigating the theft Tuesday of a plastic jug containing about $400 in change from an apartment in Bettendorf. They said they found Fry's Illinois Department of Corrections ID card at the apartment and arrested him Wednesday at a Bettendorf motel.

    Fry, 43, was charged with third-degree burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia and interference and was taken to the Scott County Jail, authorities said.

    Fry was released from the Illinois prison system in January, having served two years and three months of a 10-year sentence for a Rock Island County burglary.

    Inmates who are released but are without legal identification like a driver's license can receive a Corrections Department-issued ID card.
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    THATS how my cousin got that money to pay me back...
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    Oh, how I love bumbling criminal stories!!! Good one. I suppose this cat will not need to have his id reissued when he returns to the big house...everybody wins here.
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    Hmmmmm...wonder if he's got an internet hook up in prison and any interest in being a moderator here.


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