Bush encourages wounded vets

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    I figured since Bush bashing was still en vogue, a little balance would be in order.


    #BushWatch: W. Encourages Wounded Warriors


    Former President Bush thanks the "Wounded Warriors" for their service.

    While Bush-Bashing has become a nationwide sport, it's stuff like this that makes you want to give the guy a thank you card.

    Former President George W Bush showed up in Cleburne on his way from Dallas to Crawford to chat with the members of the Wounded Warrior bike ride going through Cleburne.

    Charlie Hodges sent us the following press release detailing 43's stop:

    In an appearance he did not want to become public, President George W. Bush stopped in Cleburne, Texas on his way to his Crawford Ranch to give words of encouragement to members of the Wounded Warriors Road 2 Recovery bike ride going through Cleburne.

    Mr. Bush did not want pre-publicity because he did not want his appearance to lead to a distraction from the importance of the Road to Recovery bike ride going through Texas this week. After brief remarks by Cleburne Mayor Ted Reynolds and Congressman Chet Edwards, D-Waco, Mr. Bush spoke to the bike riders, American Legion members and motorcycle escort riders for a few minutes.

    This is an event put on by the Road 2 Recovery and American Legion Halls all along the route. Mr. Bush not only honored the wounded veterans and supporters taking part in the ride, he also thanked motorcycle riders who are escorting the bike ride and for their work in honoring soldiers who died fighting in Iraq and Afghanastan.

    Hodges also sent links to some video footage of former President Bush speaking -- it's on his blog here.

    So, hey, this is a nice story about the previous President saying thanks to the veterans -- don't inject politics into it -- we all owe them a debt of gratitude.
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    beats spoiling their lunch
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    Nice Job W.

    I like when Presidents do these types of things when they get out of office.

    I liked when Papa Bush and Willie did that disaster relief tour as well.

    Also Carter doing the Habitat for Humanity.

    Whether you like them when they are in office or not it is nice they do these types of things when they are out of office and they should be acknowledged for it.

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