Bush signs order banning cruel, inhumane treatment during interrogations

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by ConcordCowboy, Jul 20, 2007.

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    Bush alters rules for interrogations

    Executive order applies to CIA, if it has detention and interrogation



    WASHINGTON - President Bush signed an executive order Friday spelling out new interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects that bar cruel and inhumane treatment, humiliation or denigration of prisoners' religious beliefs.

    The White House declined to say whether the CIA currently has a detention and interrogation program, but said if it did, it must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the executive order. The order targets captured al-Qaida terrorists who have information on attack plans or the whereabouts of the group's senior leaders.

    "Last September, the president explained how the CIA's program had disrupted attacks and saved lives, and that it must continue on a sound legal footing," White House press secretary Tony Snow said. "The president has insisted on clear legal standards so that CIA officers involved in this essential work are not placed in jeopardy for doing their job -- and keeping America safe from attacks."

    The executive order was the result of legislation Bush signed in October that authorized military trials of terrorism suspects, eliminated some of the rights defendants are usually guaranteed under U.S. law, and authorized continued harsh interrogations of terror suspects.

    The Supreme Court had ruled in June 2006 that trying detainees in military tribunals violated U.S. and international law, so Bush urged Congress to change the law. He also insisted that the law authorize CIA agents to use tough methods to interrogate suspected terrorists.

    The legislation said the president can "interpret the meaning and application" of international standards for prisoner treatment, a provision intended to allow him to authorize aggressive interrogation methods that might otherwise be seen as illegal by international courts.
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    I started to applaud him and the move. Thinking it was a step forward. However I guess I should remain jaded for good reason.

    I hope they do well with it but this last part just follows the same method they have used in the past. Instead of putting things into specific terms they like to broaden it to make it easier to side step.

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    I wish they said nothing and kept right on working them over. Sadly, I doubt we really did any real torture of some of those SOBs.
    Just make sure we work the right guys over.
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    Rock music and water boarding is probably as bad as it gets.
    Shoot, we do that to our own people to toughen them up.

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