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    ProFootball Talk:


    Of course, not everyone is convinced that a running back with an expected NFL shelf life of less than 10 seasons is worth a contract in excess of $50 million. As one league insider explained to us on Thursday, folks who are quick to compare USC running back/receiver/kick returner Reggie Bush to Gale Sayers should keep in mind the full range of Sayers' pro career.

    The Kansas Comet burst onto the NFL scene in 1965, and he excelled for the Bears through the 1969 seasons. Injuries limited him dramatically in 1970 and 1971, and he retired before the 1972 campaign.

    And, sure, injuries can happen to any player. But could it be that Sayers' duties as a running back and a receiver and a kick returner and a punt returner made him more vulnerable to getting snapped, crackled, and popped? And won't Bush -- if used to maximum capacity and ability -- be in precisely the same position?

    There is, after all, a huge difference between the Pac-10 and the NFL. Some of Bush's best work in 2005 came against collections of football players who wouldn't last a morning in an NFL minicamp. When Reggie starts to get banged around by the big boys, will he still be as effective?

    Let's also not forget the fact that Sayers, while incredibly effective in five NFL seasons, didn't exactly lift his team to lofty heights. Indeed, Sayers and his Bears didn't play in a single postseason game.

    We're not saying that Bush isn't among the cream of the current crop of players poised to enter the NFL in April. But whether he's the second coming of Gale Sayers is an open question. And even if he is, perhaps a team looking to build toward long-term success might be best served with a player with a lower risk of injury and a better chance at being a cornerstone of the organization for more than a decade.
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    I can see his points, but most knee injuries back then were difficult to overcome. That's what cut Sayers career short.

    I just don't think it is smart to pass on a player that you project to be a hall of famer. I have not seen much of Bush, but from what I have read, most people seem to think that he can play at that level.
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    Plus despite his effectiveness at returning kicks, if he is the starting RB I can't imagine any coach wanting him to return every kick too.
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    If I were a GM and had the chance to take him I'd do it in a heartbeat. He is a talent you can't pass on. He sure would look good in blue and silver but obviously he won't drop that far.
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    I think he could be a special player...but I have no idea about his toughness or whether he can take the punishment of an entire NFL season
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    I would be concerned about his durability running between the tackles. A lot of his yards and big plays happen when he gets outside.

    That doesn't happen so much in the NFL, ... there's too much speed at the LB and DB position.

    He does have great speed though, and could be something like a Marshall Faulk.
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    he's dynamic, can change an entire game....
    the impact he has on games reminds me of Barry Sanders but Bush is more versatile.
    Guy is amazing.
    As far as not being able to stay in the league because they're too small...
    look at Warrick Dunn, Tiki Barber, some guy named Emmitt...and all the rest of the guys that we're "too small"
    in fact, Bush isn't much smaller than MBIII.
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    I was just about to say the same thing :D
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    So was I.........LOL

    Game least in college.......
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    I like the kid and hope he does well.....unless he's playing Dallas
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    You might do some background work on his family, etc. but there's no way to know the answers to those questions. The same is true for every RB selected in the draft. I think you just have to go get this guy and see what happens. The upside is so huge you just have to do it regardless of the money.

    The Texans already have a pretty good RB in Davis. They really need a lot more help in other areas. But some folks are saying you take him and sort it out later. I think I might trade down and get some more picks were I GM of the Texans but its a tough call.
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    I think it Houston drafts him and does not upgrade the Oline, he will be a marginal talent, showing some falshes, but nott able to maintain it on any regularity. Houston needs to trade down 1 or 2 spots and get D'Brickashaw. Or go after Oline in FA heavy. Then Bush would be a nice addition. But till they have a line, they have nothing in Houston.

    otherwise, Bush will be the number 1 pick and a superstar in the league.
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    someone ALWAYS has to write an article like this...simply to be contrary.

    'Nuff said.
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    Bush will be dominate in the NFL........he would look great with a star on his helmet!

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    If I were Houston, I would not take him. The way I see it, sending Bush to Houston in it's current state would be like burning hundred dollar bills up to watch the flame burn green. Any RB, IMO, would suffer with that OL. If they take bush, they probably ruin him in that offense, lose him after a few seasons to another team and sacrafice Carr in the process. Some might say that if they took Bush, it would help Carr but not in the case of that team, IMO. A running game can help a QB tremendously but the running game starts at the OL. They simply have to get OL help before they end up killing Carr all together. I doubt Carr can take many more season like the one's he's suffered through. There comes a point in the life of a QB when you just can't save him, regardless of talent. There are only so many hits in a guy before he's ruined and I think Carr is getting there.

    Now the Jets, SF or the Packers, that could be a very different story. The Jets have a pretty good OL and running game. Depending on what they do at QB, Bush could be a real nice pick. You bring in a guy like say Kitna from Cincy and draft Bush and you might have something. SF and the West Coast would be a great offense for Reggie Bush. His pass catching ability together with Smith's mobility would be very difficult to stop. They could be good for a long time. A team like the Packers with a Vet QB like Favre might be incented to stick it out for a season or two if they had a weapon in the backfield like Bush. Also a WC offense, that would be a very nice fit IMO. IMO, Arizona would probably be the best situation for Bush. If the Cardinals could somehow trade up to get Bush and perhaps work something out with Minnesota for Culpepper, that would be a scary offense indeed. There receiving corps along with a QB and Bush out of the backfield would be a nightmare.
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    Emmitt was not small, he was short. There is a difference. Dorsett was small. Both were effective, both were different and both were special. That is what made them succesful.

    Bush is a special college back. The difficult part is projecting him as a special pro back. Looks like he could be or in the least be an effective back. Just like anyone drafted, it is a bit of a crap shoot. There are no guarantees. I have always beleived it is easier to project a guy to end up a bust than it is to project them to end up being a great player. That is why articles like this are written. Who knows? I would take a chance on Bush.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    But would you do it if you were Houston, assuming you could not dramatically improve the OL?
  18. joseephuss

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    Based on those criteria, maybe. They then can wait to fix the o-line the following year.

    I just think they can do both this off season. They don't have to turn it all around and produce the best o-line in the game. They need to replace at least 1 guy and more than likely 2 along the line. They actually run block nicely. It is the pass blocking that is suffering badly. Of course I have been waiting years for Dallas to fix its O-line.

    I think Houston is in a good position. They can easily trade Bush or the pick to gain even more. This could work out well for them. I just don't think it will. I am not impressed with Casserly or Capers. They will find a way to screw things up.
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    Right on. At least somebody is actually talking about the downside that Reggie Bush could have. This guy could be Brian Westbrook or he could be Marshall Faulk.

    If I am a franchise building from the ground up, I take care of my Quarterback position first and foremost.

    If Adrian Peterson was coming out, I would take him over Reggie Bush any day of the week, and im not just saying that because he is from the Lone Star State :cool: .

    I cant wait to Bush go up against them boys from Texas...

    - Mike G.

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    I believe that they need two tackles and a Guard. I like Wiegert OK and I like McKinney but the rest don't really impress me to much. Good tackles are nto cheap and there not usually easy to find. I think they need to draft a LT and possibly sign a RT in FA. I think they need to do the same for a guard.

    I also think the move with Reeves is interesting. I'm not certain that Casserly or Don Capers will be calling all the shots in Houston for the upcoming draft. If you were going to bring a guy in who was going to manage your draft, right now would be a good time to do it. Would give him an opportunity to see the current roster for the last three games. See who still wants to play and who's mailing it in. See the teams weakness' up close and be ready to start breaking down film on College prospects.

    Should be interesting.

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