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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Jan 6, 2006.

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    While the Parcells Watch goes on in Dallas, the Vince Young Watch has begun in Austin. Will he pull a Matt Leinart and return for his senior season? If he really, really wants a Heisman Trophy the answer is yes. But what else does he have to prove after the last two Rose Bowls? Will his draft status go any higher than it is now? His hometown Texans own the top pick. Getting Young would be the biggest PR boost for a Houston team since the Oilers traded up to get fellow Longhorn legend Earl Campbell in 1978.

    From a Cowboys’ perspective, decisions like Young’s will affect their April. The more talented juniors declare for the draft, the more options the Cowboys will have at pick 18.

    The deadline for early entry is January 15th. Here is a list of juniors who are coming out.

    And Some Seniors Want to Lose a Mint

    LSU DE Claude Wroten was arrested yesterday on a drug possession charge. Wroten has been listed in several mock drafts as a first rounder. You wonder how much money this will cost him.
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    There is no way the Texans pick Young over Bush. No way.
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    Don't bet the ranch on it Hustler, initially I thought the same, however, after watching that Championship performance by Young and the fact he is from Houston and the big PR ticket he would has potential!

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