Bye week has rejuvenated my hope for the final 6.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lane, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. lane

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    the bye week this late in the year with two games in 5 days might be a blessing..

    we are going to get some key players back from injuries.

    the coaching staff has had extra time to hopefully reconsider their putrid playcalling.

    really like that after the next two games we get another semi bye week for the final 4 games.

    i'm excited to see holloman and wilcox on the field.

    if austin can stay healthy it would ease the coverage on dez.

    a rested hatcher, ware and selvie will be sweet.

    7-5 would be sweet after thanksgiving..

    who's with me?
  2. SSWilliams31

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    I wanna be but this team needs a lot more then rest to solve its problems
  3. 17yearsandcounting

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    Havent won coming out of the bye since Waddles. Ouch.
  4. CaptainCreed

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    Fluke has to end at some point, I refuse to believe it is a trend. Going up to the Meadowlands to change that will not be easy to say the least though.
  5. The Ominous

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    Hopefully they all have PS4's and can max out their stats to 10000.
  6. lane

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    see line 3 of post.
  7. Nav22

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    Such an overrated stat. Those 3 losses were vs TENN, at NE, and at BAL.

    The Titans were in the midst of their 5-2 start when we played them in 2010. And most teams in most weeks would lose at New England or at Baltimore, bye week or not.
  8. mrmojo

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    Wasn't Waddles the one that said that the Bye for the playoffs was a playoff win? He was sure good at winning those byes LOL
  9. lane

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    i can honestly say for the first time in my life watching the cowboys...i was happy they did not play last sunday.

    usually i have a lack of interest in other games when the boys don't play.

    this past sunday i was stress free... instead of mad they were not playing .

    i want them to heal up and take a shot at this thing.
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  10. dupree89

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    I am with you that 7-5 would be sweet. But thats where we part, my friend. It would certainly be sweet, considering we're 5-5 now...but realistically, 6-6 is more like it.
  11. Zman5

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    In 2011, we were 7-4 after the Thanksgiving game. We went 1-4 after that.

    It's real hard to be optimistic until we are at least 9-5.
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  12. big dog cowboy

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    So will alcohol.

    I'm with ya. To infinity and beyond.
  13. landroverking

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    First team to 9 wins wins the division.
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  14. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry, the bye week dampened mine. Philly is on a roll and in first place and the Giants D line has gotten healthy and is on a roll. Let's see how we respond. Past indicators show trouble.

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