Bye Week NFC East Thoughts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimmy4713, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Man, it stinks having a bye this early, especially with a nice performance by the team on Sunday. A few thoughts on the upcoming week as it will be very intersting to watch the rest of the division this weekend.

    Potomac-Basin Indigenous Persons
    Washington has a game that if they lose will cause me to worry about fires in the Nation's Capital. This is a scary game for them. The Texans can throw the ball and the Skins are unable to stop it without Springs. Portis will be back but at what capacity? His shoulder may as well have a bullseye on the sleeve. I will be on extremeskins if they do lose, soaking up the apocalyptic posting. Too funny. They should win but it is on the road and Mark Brunnell is starting. How that is possible is a mystery. Boy was he bad last week. If they lose the whole organization will go haywire second guessing. 0-3 is an ugly, ugly hole to climb out of as they would need to go 10-3 the rest of the year.

    Armpit of the Eastern Seaboard
    The Eagles are also facing a "creampuff" but it is the same situation as the Skins. On the road against a team they should handle. Again, their secondary is a mess. Again, the 49ers are passing pretty well with Smith and our old friend AB (who I still like for some reason). They are limping after that savage loss at home and are injury riddled. A loss to the 49ers and the ship will be waaaaaaaaaaay off course. Not as bad as the Skins, but not good.

    The Worthless Giants
    The Giants have a game that I can't wait to watch vs. Seattle. Should be very entertaining as they are somewhat even teams. Love to see Eli on his back all game and Alexander go for a deuce. Should be a slugfest.

    The Greatness that is the Dallas Cowboys
    I hope our guys stay out of trouble this weekend and the Tuna is drinking plenty of fluids. #81 needs to be active for the Titans and make them prepare for him, but not play. I think that is what BP is doing saying what he did this week. The Skins were very concerned about him and it opened up all the other guys just as we thought. Looking forward to seeing young Sam Hurd get a shot. I sure hope for the best for him.
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    How homerific of a post.
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    It dawned on me that both Philly and NY could end up losing this Sunday, allowing the Cowboys to be in 1st place and all alone at the top in the NFC East Division. Hell, even the 'skins have a decent chance of getting upset by the Texans, too.

    That's one scenario that I wouldn't mind seeing played out at all. :)
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    the only team out of those 3 i see losing will be ny.
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    All of these things are true ...

    I'm just wondering how all of the Romosexuals are feeling about the bye week...

    It has got to be an awkward feeling for some fans.


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