Cal C Alex Mack the complete prospect

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    Cal C Alex Mack the complete prospect
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    There isn't a better combination of brawns and brains in this draft than Cal center Alex Mack.

    A three-year starter, Mack was a three-time All-Pac 10 pick. In a vote by the conference defensive players, Mack won the Morris Trophy as the best blocker in the Pac 10 in both the 2007 and 2008 season. He's only the third player in conference history to win the Morris twice, joining Southern Cal guard Roy Foster (1980-81) and Washington tackle Lincoln Kennedy (1991-92).

    Mack also was a two-time academic All-Pac 10 and won the 2008 Draddy Award -- the academic Heisman. He graduated in the spring of 2008 with a degree in legal studies and competed last fall as a graduate student in education.

    Don't ask him to choose between his two prestigious honors.

    "They were both excellent awards," Mack said. "One's a great football honor and the other is a great scholastic honor. Those are two special awards and I can't rank one above the other."

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    Just don't see how he slides to us. I think the Steelers will take him at the end of round 1 and that will make me sick because he is a good player.
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    Eric Wood (2nd)

    Antione Caldwell (3rd)

    If Dallas drafts one, it will be one of these two guys. Luigs struggles with strength, I think. I guess you could look at him, too. However, I wouldn't take him until round 4.

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